Fall Sports Preview 2011


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    PRESS & DAKOTAN FALL SPORTS PREVIEW 2011 PAGE 13 S O U T H D A K O TA G I R L S C R O S S C O U N T R Y Players To Watch NICOLE STEADMAN, CENTERVILLE. The senior finished 15th at the state meet a year ago. JORDYN HUDELSON, ELK POINT-JEFFERSON. One of three Huskies to qualify for state last year. Avon COACH: Beth Dykstra (5th year) VITALS: Region 3 RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Caitlyn Meiers (Sr.), Courtney Stewart (8th) TOP PROSPECTS: Kylen Swanson (7th), Heidi Cap (8th), Hannah Reeves (7th) Beresford COACH: Matt Coy (3rd year) VITALS: Region 3A, Big Sioux Conference LAST YEAR: The Watchdogs finished third in the Big Sioux Conference and placed fifth in Region 3A. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Alyson Johnson (Jr.), Shelby Bickett (So.), Lexy Johnsen (Fr.), Rylee Homandberg (8th), Kori Sveeggen (8th), Holly Van Gelder (8th) TOP PROSPECTS: Sami Zoss, Haley Sveeggen, Bailey Nelson, Julia Mochel, Katarina Fatherlos, Bailey Twite, Ashlynn Atwood, Kelsey Phelps, Caitlyn Worth, Kendra Schaap Bon Homme CENTERVILLE: Nicole Steadman COACH: Janet Wagner (10th year) VITALS: Region 3A LAST YEAR: The Cavaliers qualified as a team for state and placed seventh overall. To go along with the team success, all five state qualifying runners will all be returning hoping to improve on team and individual finishes. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Emily Robusa (Sr.), Anna Robertson (Sr.), Kelsey Sutera (So., State Qualifier), Shawna Rezac (So., State Qualifier), Ali Vlcek (So., State Qualifier), Jena Rezac (8th, State Qualifier), Maddison Hajek (8th, State Qualifier), Jessica Vlcek (Sr.) CAILEY ROTH, FREEMAN. Only a freshman, Roth already has a 13th-place finish at state on her resume. TOP PROSPECTS: Morgan Rothischadl (8th), McKeely Merkwan (7th) Centerville COACH: Eric Hansen VITALS: Region 3B LAST YEAR: The Tornadoes had one runner, Nicole Steadman, place at state. She finished 15th overall. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Nicole Steadman (Sr., two-time state placer, 15th overall in 2010), Rebecca Hybertson (8th) Dakota Valley COACH: Tiffany Wendling (11th year) ASSISTANT: Erin Benson VITALS: Big Sioux Conference, Region 3A RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Sadie Clements (Sr.), Jenna Kittler (So.), Crystal Ochoa (Fr.), Olivia Ohm (Fr.) TOP PROSPECTS: Rachel Jensen (Sr.), Becca Street (Sr.), Olivia Brown (Jr.), Shelby Olson (Jr.), Monica Peacock (Jr.), Audrey Brosnan (So.), Faye Buckley (Fr.), Abby Faldmo (Fr.), Meghan Schenk (Fr.), Morgan Gruhn (8th), Claire Johnson (8th), Nikolina Johnson (8th), Haley Lechtenbert (8th), Alex Peters (8th), Justice Price (8th), Sammy Voeltz (8th), Lauren Walker (8th) BLAIR GILKYSON, VERMILLION. The junior finished 8th at the state meet last year. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Jordyn Hudelson (Sr., State Qualifier), Tatum Adema (Jr., State Qualifier), Maggie Christensen (Jr.), Josie Heeren (8th, State Qualifier) Ethan-Parkston COACH: Stephanie Voss (2nd year) ASSISTANT: Nicole VanLeur VITALS: Class A, Region 3 RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Marie Malloy (Sr.), Mikaela Murtha (Sr.), Kaite Murtha (So.), Hannah Wegehaupt (Fr.) TOP PROSPECTS: Bailey Grenoble (So.), Brooke Bigge (8th), Taya Heisinger (8th), Brooklyn Van Zee (7th) Freeman COACH: Rory Hermsen (11th year) VITALS: Region 3B LAST YEAR: The Flyers finished fifth in Region 3B in 2010. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Carly Uecker (Sr., 14th in Region, 38th in State), CaIley Roth (Fr., 5th in Region, 13th in State), Melissa Eberts (Fr., 32nd in Region), Rebecca Eberts (8th, 25th in Region), Erika Sage (7th) Freeman Academy Elk Point-Jefferson COACH: John Wayne Kalda (2nd year) VITALS: Region 3 LAST YEAR: The Huskies earned a ninth-place finish at the Class A State Cross Country Meet. They return three state qualifiers from that team. COACH: Suzanne Koerner (11th year) VITALS: Class B, Region 3B LAST YEAR: The Bobcats Lillie Koerner was the SD GIRLS | PAGE 14 ETHAN-PARKSTON: Marie Malloy VERMILLION HIGH SCHOOL 2011 TANAGERS VARSITY SCHEDULES FOOTBALL DATE 8/26 9/2 9/9 9/16 9/23 9/30 10/7 10/14 10/25 10/31 11/5 11/10 OPPONENT PLACE WEST CENTRAL HOME SOUTH SIOUX CITY AWAY TEA AREA HOME CANTON AWAY LENNOX HOME DAKOTA VALLEY AWAY HARRISBURG HOME MADISON AWAY FIRST ROUND PLAYOFFS TBA PLAYOFF QUARTER FINALS TBA PLAYOFF SEMI-FINALS TBA 11 "A" CHAMPIONSHIP DAKOTADOME VOLLEYBALL TIME 7 PM 7 PM 7 PM 7 PM 7 PM 7 PM 7 PM 7 PM TBA TBA TBA 7:30 PM CROSS COUNTRY DATE 8/26 9/2 9/16 9/19 9/22 9/30 10/6 10/14 10/22 OPPONENT PLACE TIME BERESFORD INV. BERESFORD 10 AM USD DON BAKER INVITE HOME TBA VERMILLION INVITE HOME 3:45 PM ALCESTER-HUDSON INV. ALCESTER 3:45 PM YANKTON INVITE YANKTON 4:15 PM LENNOX INVITE LENNOX 4 PM BIG 8 CONFERENCE HARRISBURG 4 PM REGION 3A HOME 3 PM STATE MEET SIOUX FALLS 12:30/1:30 PM BOYS GOLF DATE 8/30 9/2 9/6 9/9 9/13 9/16 9/20 9/26 10/3 10/4 OPPONENT HARRISBURG INVITE YANKTON LENNOX VERMILLION INVITE ELK POINT-JEFFERSON ELK POINT-JEFF. INV. BIG 8 CONFERENCE REGION 2A STATE A STATE A PLACE SPRING CREEK THE BLUFFS LENKOTA THE BLUFFS THE BLUFFS ELK POINT LENNOX THE BLUFFS THE BLUFFS THE BLUFFS TIME 7:30 AM 1 PM 4 PM 10 AM 3 PM 9 AM 10 AM TBD 10 AM 9 AM DATE 8/30 9/1 9/6 9/8 9/10 9/13 9/17 9/20 9/27 9/29 10/6 10/11 10/13 10/18 10/21 10/24 10/27 11/1 11/3 11/8 11/18-20 OPPONENT PLACE TIME SIOUX FALLS ROOSEVELT HOME 4 PM MADISON TRIANGULAR AWAY 11 AM YANKTON/TODD COUNTY YANKTON 3 PM BRANDON VALLEY AWAY 9 AM MADISON TRIANGULAR AWAY NOON YANKTON HOME 3 PM SIOUX FALLS O GORMAN AWAY 3 PM MITCHELL HOME 4 PM SIOUX FALLS WASHINGTON/ SIOUX FALLS LINCOLN AWAY 11 AM OCT. 6-8 STATE TOURNAMENT S. FALLS 9/8:45/8:45 AM TIME 4 PM 7 PM 7:30 PM 7:30 PM 9 AM 7:30 PM 8:30 AM 7:30 PM 7:30 PM 7:30 PM 7:30 PM 7:30 PM 7:30 PM 7:30 PM 7:30 PM 7:30 PM 7:30 PM 6/7:30 PM 7 PM 7 PM TBD GIRLS SOCCER DATE 8/27 9/2 9/3 9/6 9/10 9/12 9/24 9/27 10/6-8 GIRLS TENNIS DATE 9/2 9/6 9/8 9/10 9/13 9/15 9/22 9/26 9/29 OPPONENT PLACE LENNOX/TODD COUNTY LENNOX SOUTH SIOUX CITY AWAY BON HOMME HOME TRI-VALLEY AWAY LUVERNE INVITE AWAY SERGEANT BLUFF-LUTON HOME CAVALIER CLASSIC TYNDALL TEA AREA AWAY WAGNER AWAY WEST CENTRAL AWAY MADISON HOME PONCA HOME CANTON HOME BERESFORD HOME DAKOTA VALLEY HOME HARRISBURG HOME ELK POINT-JEFFERSON AWAY DISTRICT 8A HIGHEST SEED DISTRICT 8A FINAL HIGHEST SEED REGION 4A TBD STATE VOLLEYBALL SIOUX FALLS OPPONENT HURON STURGIS BELLE FOURCHE HARRISBURG GROTON SIOUX FALLS CHRISTIAN MITCHELL WEST CENTRAL STATE TOURNAMENT PLACE HOME AWAY AWAY HOME AWAY AWAY HOME HOME MITCHELL TIME 1 PM 3 PM MT 1 PM MT 7 PM 1 PM 6 PM 3 PM 6 PM TBD BOYS SOCCER DATE 8/27 9/2 9/8 9/10 9/16 9/17 9/20 9/24 10/6-8 OPPONENT GROTON JAMES VALLEY CHRISTIAN MITCHELL CHRISTIAN HURON CHAMBERLAIN LEAD-DEADWOOD HARRISBURG STURGIS STATE TOURNAMENT PLACE HOME AWAY HOME AWAY AWAY AWAY AWAY HOME MITCHELL TIME 9 AM 6 PM 5 PM 1 PM 4 PM 1 PM MT 8 PM 5 PM TBD
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