Fall Sports Preview 2011


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PRESS & DAKOTAN FALL SPORTS PREVIEW 2011 PAGE 12 S O U T H D A K O TA B O Y S C R O S S C O U N T R Y Players To Watch TY SCHOELLERMAN, ALCESTER-HUDSON. The senior finished seventh at the state meet a year ago. Avon COACH: Beth Dykstra VITALS: Region 3 LAST YEAR: The Pirates had one runner qualify for state, Trace Tjeerdsma, who finished fourth. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Nick Metteer (So.), Liam Swanson (Fr.) Beresford COACH: Matt Coy (3rd year) VITALS: Region 3A, Big Sioux Conference LAST YEAR: The Watchdogs were crowned first place in the Big Sioux Conference. They also claimed fourth place in Region 3A. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Hayden Palmer (Sr.), Jared Truman (Sr.), Thaine Sira (Jr.), Craig Fatherlos (Jr.), Riley Schaap (So.) TOP PROSPECTS: Nick O Connell, Seth Weiland, Christian Wilson, Kevin Huot, Alex Horstman, Peter Auch, Cole Homandberg Bon Homme COACH: Janet Wagner (10th year) VITALS: Region 3A LAST YEAR: The Cavalier XC team qualified two JACK JOHNSON, IRENE-WAKONDA. The Tri-Valley Conference champion finished ninth at state. JAKE VOLLMER, IRENE-WAKONDA. A two-time state qualifier, the junior was 17th last year. DUANE JONGELING, PARKER. The junior was the conference, region and state champion in 2010. runners for the state tournament, neither will be returning this year. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Nate Sutera (Sr.), Dustin Cuka (Jr.), Tucker Peschl (Jr.), Tanner Hajek (Jr.), Dylan Stoebner (Fr.) Centerville COACH: Eric Hansen (3rd year) VITALS: Region 3B RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Jacob Hofer (Sr.), Nick Wixon (Fr.) TOP PROSPECT: Levi Gruschin (8th) Dakota Valley COACH: Tiffany Wendling (13th year) ASSISTANT: Erin Benson VITALS: Big Sioux Conference, Region 3A LAST YEAR: The Panthers had two runners qualify for the state meet. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Dan Keppen (Sr.), Graham Bacon (So.), Cole Peterson (So.) TOP PROSPECTS: Sean Clausen (Sr.), Jacon Vogts (Sr.), Connor Berger (Jr.), Ben Cork (Jr.), DeVon Lewis (Jr.), Alex Fernando (So.), Matt Brewster (So.), Scott Saager (So.), Ben Vick (So.), Iam Gray (Fr.), Ryan Jensen (Fr.), Billy Murray (Fr.), Austin Norton (Fr.), Caleb Ownby (Fr.), Matt Solomon (Fr.), Zane Treloar (Fr.), Eric Dial (8th), Bear Jensen (8th), Jordan Kinney (8th), Charlie Long (8th), Carson Brosnan (7th), Karl Schenk (7th) Elk Point-Jefferson COACH: John Wayne Kalda (2nd year) RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Alex Dawdy (Jr.), Trevor Heeren (Jr.) TOP PROSPECT: Hunter Paulsen (Fr.) Ethan-Parkston COACH: Stephanie Voss (2nd year) ASSISTANT: Nicole VanLeur VITALS: Class A, Region 3 RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Dave Schoenfish (Sr.), Tyler Hohn (Jr.), Myles Bialas (Jr.), Ethan Murtha (Fr.) TOP PROSPECTS: Austin Wolf (Sr.), Parker Van Zee (Jr.), Hunter Jackson (Fr.), Justin Juhnke (Fr.), Ryan Hohn (8th), Logan Mohoney (7th) Gayville-Volin Freeman COACH: Rory Hermsen (11th year) VITALS: Region 3B LAST YEAR: The Flyer runners finished fifth in the region in 2010. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Slade Mutchelknaus (Sr., 9th place Region, 28th place State), Grant Proheim (So., 35th place Region), Cody Roth (Fr.), Nick Hora (8th) COACH: Larry Buffington (12th year) ASSISTANT: Gene Bormann VITALS: Region 3B LAST YEAR: The Raiders qualified one runner for the state meet. TOP PROSPECTS: Matthew Buckman (8th), Dylan Liams (8th), Dylan Andal (8th), CJ Lee (7th), Billy Leggett (7th) COACH: Suzanne Koerner (11th year) VITALS: Class B, Region 3B RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Ben Brockmueller (Jr., 38th at state), James DeJarnette (Jr., 39th at state), Cole Hofer (So.) NEWCOMER: Ryan Haggerty (8th) COACH: Bridget Sees (5th year) VITALS: District 3B, Tri-Valley Conference LAST YEAR: The Eagles runners almost brought home a state championship to go along with the Regional Championship and Tri-Valley Championships they claimed. Instead they fell just short and brought home the runners-up trophy. The Eagles did not lose any runners from last years team. COACH: Jamie Holderby (2nd year) ASSISTANTS: Amanda Stoebner, Alyssa Siegfried, Stacey Fousek VITALS: District 12B, Region 6B LAST YEAR: The Nighthawks had a learning year with a young squad as they went 4-28 overall, but did win a postseason match. From last year s roster, the team will return eight letterwinners. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Kelli Batterman (Jr., MH/OH), Julie Mingo (Sr., S/OH), Kaitlin Buchholz (Sr., DS/OH), Erin Crichton (Sr., OH), Hannah Just (Fr., MH/OH), Lanae Fuerst (Jr., MH/OH), Jessica Sandau (Fr., OH), Kate Heisinger (Sr., S) TOP PROSPECT: Morgan Polreis (Jr., DS/S) From Page 11 cluding four starters, are going from that team. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Kylie Hughes (Jr., OH); Katherine Luke (Jr., S), Abby Schoenwald (Sr., BR), Stephanie Haiar (Sr., BR), Ashley RosenwaldMuller (Jr., OH), Josie Schmidt (Jr., MH) TOP PROSPECTS: Christina Raville (Jr., MH), Erica Schoenwald (So., MH), Devin Nelson (Fr., S/OH), Kaitlyn Engbrecht (Fr., S/L) Menno Parker COACH: Jill Christensen (29th year) ASSISTANTS: Jennifer Schmitz, Roger Knecht, Kerry McDonald VITALS: District 7B Region 4B LAST YEAR: The Pheasants came within a few matches of becoming state champions. With an overall record of 28-5 the Pheasants clamed fourth place at state in Class B. This year s team looks to repeat that success, but will have to work to replace four lost starters. Commercial State Bank ~ Since 1902 ~ (605)384-3646 204 South Main Wagner, SD Fax: (605) 384-3403 www.commercialstate.com Email bank@commercialstate.com COACH: Phil Bjorneberg (15th year) VITALS: Region 3B LAST YEAR: The Parker boys cross country team had a successful season last year, finishing as state champions after taking the conference title and second place to Irene-Wakonda in Region 3B. The team lost two letterwinners from last year s roster. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Matt Tripp-Delmont-Armour SD VB COACH: Rachel Stokes (2nd year) ASSISTANT: Kristin Heckeniable VITALS: Cornbelt Conference LAST YEAR: The Wolves went 3-20 under first-year coach Stokes. The team s season ended on a first-round loss in the district tournament. Five letterwinners return from last year s team hoping to finish a successful campaign on the court. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Tessa Goehring (Sr., 5-8, OH, AllConference Honorable Mention, 23 Ace Serves, 62 Kills, 16 Blocks, and 188 Digs), Katelyn Kotalik (Sr., 5-7, MH, 22 Kills, 63 Digs, and 11 Blocks), Hannah Wollmann (Sr., 5-0, DS, 36 Digs), Shelby Huber (Jr., 5-7, OH, 26 Kills and 39 Digs), Courtney Schaeffer (Jr., 5-7, S/OH, 25 Ace Serves, 61 Kills, 137 Assists, 31 Blocks, and 66 Digs) TOP PROSPECTS: Alicia Kulish (Sr., 5-9, OH), Erika Hauck (Sr., 5-6, OH), Ashton Diede (Jr., 5-3, OH/DS), Brittany Haberman (Jr., 5-8, MH), Allie Zanter (Jr., 5-6 OH/DS), Madison Huber (So., 5-6, S/OH), Kylee Kessler (So., 59, MH), Christina Herrboldt (So., 5-8, S/MH), Emily Massey (So., 5-3, OH), Abby Herrboldt (Fr., 5-4, S/OH), Kaylee Kessler (Fr., 5-7, MH), Laura Wollmann (Fr., 5-5, OH), Lindzie Vaith (Fr., 5-4, OH), Devin Bloch (Fr., 5-8, MH), Natalie Fischer (Fr., 5-5, S/OH), Nikki Weber (Fr., 5-7, MH), Isabehl Abma (Fr., 5-5, OH), Darin Mehlhaf (Fr., 5-6, OH) RETURNING LETTERWINNNERS: Cash Murphy (Sr., 30th at state, two-time state qualifier), Jake Vollmer (Jr., 16th at state, team MVP, 3rd in TVC, two-time state qualifier), Jack Johnson (Fr., 9th at state, TVC Champion, two-time state qualifier), Dillon Buchanan (Jr., two-time state qualifier), Jed Murphy (So., state qualifier), Lucas Gustad (Jr.), Bob Murphy (8th) TOP PROSPECTS: Cole Rupp (Jr., two-time state qualifier), Kobe Murphy (7th) Parker Irene-Wakonda Freeman Academy ETHAN-PARKSTON: Dave Schoenfish PARKER: 2010 Class B State Championship Team Mielke (Sr., Big East JV Champion), Trevor Miller (Sr., 3rd at JV conference), Seth Olson (Sr., 32nd at state meet), Duane Jongeling (Jr., Conference Champion, Region Champion, State Champion), Jordan Wetering (Jr., 55th at state meet), Michael Olson (So., 28th at state meet), Ryan Olson (So., 25th at state meet) TOP PROSPECT: Tristen Erickson (So.) Platte-Geddes COACH: Shawn Wynia (3rd year) VITALS: Class A RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Keagan Ringling (Sr., Sixth place finish at region meet, First place at Parkston Invite, Second Place at SESD), Trey Alberda (Sr., Fifteenth at Region meet), Cheyenne VandenBos (Sr.), Brandon Meyerink (Sr.), Lorenzo Moves Camp (Jr.), Derek Wynias (So.), Aidan VandenBos (So.) SD BOYS | PAGE 14 S O U T H D A K O TA HIGH SCHOOL COMPETITIVE CHEER & DANCE Viborg-Hurley COACH: Lori Dressen (9th year) ASSISTANT: Kathleen Darrinton VITALS: District 8B, Region 4B RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Michell Miller (Sr., S), Samantha Jacobson (Sr., OH), Keeley Knudsen (Sr., DS), Jill Johnson (Sr., L), Kimberly Kolthoff (Sr., MH), Haley Jorgenson (Sr., MH), Danielle Voss (Jr., OH), Katelyn Graber (So., OH) TOP PROSPECTS: Dana Mach (Sr., DS), Leacadia Christensen (Jr., DS) DAKOTA VALLEY: 2010 Dance Team Jazz Routine Wagner WAGNER: Alexa Cimpl (7) RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Anna Leloux (Sr., 6-0, MH), Courtney Buchholz (Sr., 5-8, OH/MH), Taylor Nugteren (Sr., 5-3, DS), Amber Dysthe (Jr., 5-6, S), Micalanne Hanten (Jr., 5-6, OH), Jessica McKenney (Jr., 5-6, RH), Tessa Weeldreyer (Jr., 5-10, MH), Morgan Hay (So., 5-4, L/S) TOP PROSPECTS: Erin Harms (Sr., 5-7, OH), Kim Leber (Jr., 5-6, OH), Jamie Haase (Jr., 6-1, MH), Katie Lukes (Jr., 5-6, DS), Patricia Pastian (Jr., 5-6, DS), Shayna Burt (So., MH), McKenzie Cole (So., OH), Meghan Harold (So., MH), Haley Holzwarth (So., RH/L), Lindsey Meiers (So., H), Kayla Preheim (So., H), Danielle Rang (So., DS/H), Lexi Levene (So., MH), Courtney Graham (So., OH), Catherine Leber (Fr., MH), Lindsey Jones (Fr., MH), Jennifer Smith (Fr., S), Allison Sanner (Fr., MH), Blair Reynolds (Fr., L), Kylea Lingen (Fr., OH), Brittany Olson (Fr., OH), Lacey Thompson (Fr., RH) Scotland COACH: Laura Wiebelhaus (2nd year) ASSISTANT: Kristyn Walloch VITALS: District 11B Region 6B LAST YEAR: The Lady Highlanders had a respectable year as they went 14-15 to end the year after a strong 3-1 surge in the postseason. Scotland was able to win their district before falling to Andes Central in regions. Look for repeated success this season as the Lady Highlanders only lose two starters. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Jymmi Jo Stewart (Sr.), Jaymie Barrett (Sr.), Amber Siefert (Sr.), Morgan Iwan (Sr.), Ashley Alvey (Sr., SESD All-Conference), Sydney Schmitz (Sr.), Isabella Renken (Sr.), Kennidy Asche (Jr.), Amber Alvey (So.) TOP PROSPECTS: Kendra Rokusek (Jr.), Christy Mogck (Jr.), Sam Geiman (Jr.) COACH: Amy Tyler (8th year) ASSISTANT: Stacey Knebel VITALS: Little Missouri Valley and Southeast South Dakota Conferences LAST YEAR: The Red Raiders title streak was snapped, yet the team earned third place at state with a 32-3 overall record. Good news for the Red Raiders as they return every player except one from last year s team. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Devon Brecke (Sr., 5-10, OH, LMVC All-Conference, SESD All-Tournament team, Class A All-Tournament team, First Team AllState), Alexa Cimpl (Sr., 5-10, OH, LMVC AllConference, SESD All-Conference), Breanna Cuka (Sr., 5-11, MB, LMVC All-Conference Honorable Mention), LaShawn Medicine Horn (Sr., 5-9, MB), Sydney Breen (Jr., 5-5, DS), Jessa Doom (Jr., 5-8, S, LVMC All-Conference, SESD All-Tournament Team, Class A All-Tournament Team, First Team All-State), Nicole Weber (Jr., 5-5, OH) TOP PROSPECTS: Jacqueline Juffer (Sr., 6-1, MB), Delaynie Dickerson (So., 5-7, OH), Alex Dvorak (So., 5-9, MB), Kayla Deurmier (So., 5-5, S), Kimberly Koupal (So., 5-8, DS), Gina Soukup (So., 5-8, OH) Centerville Cheer CO-COACHES: Allyson Hill (1st year), Kim Satter (1st year) RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Brittany Austin (Jr.), Logan Wiesler (Jr.), Allie Kaufenberg (So.), Kristen Lambert (So.), Blake Hill (So.), Emily Hill (So.), Lindsay Stroman (So.), Emily Andersen (So.) NEWCOMERS: Sydney Knutson (So.), Josie Poppenga (Fr.), Heather Rist (8th), Shelby Stroman (7th) Dakota Valley Dance COACH: Melissa Strong (11th year) LAST YEAR: The Dakota Valley dance team had a banner year as they won the 2010 South Dakota Class A State Championship. To test their talents, the DV dancers tried their hand at the Class AA level and walked away with two first place awards and one second place award at an Aberdeen event. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Kara Christopher-Holt (Sr.), Mary Dice (Sr.), Riley Meier (Sr.), Alyssa Hunt (Sr.), Shelby Olson (Sr.), Riley VanDeSteeg (Sr.), Lauren Hauger (Jr.), Kylee Meier (So.), Amanda Roeber (So.) TOP PROSPECTS: Anna Owens (Sr.), Victoria Parks (Fr.), Gwyneth Fisher (Fr.), Sylvia Rosenkrans (Fr.) Wagner Red Raiders Football 9/2 9/9 9/16 9/23 Parkston Platte-Geddes-Dakota Christan Beresford Bon Homme A H A H 9/30 10/7 10/14 10/20 McCook Central-Montrose Elk Point-Jefferson Winner Chamberlain A A H H Wagner Red Raiders Volleyball CROSBY-JAEGER FUNERAL HOME INC. Avon, SD 119 N. Poplar St. Wagner, SD 124 E. Hwy 50 384-3781 Springfield, SD 604 8th St. 369-2488 Jim & Julie Jaeger and Chad Peters 8/27 8/30 9/1 9/8 9/13 9/15 9/17 9/20 9/27 10/1 Parkston Early Bird Platte-Geddes A Chamberlain A Gregory H Avon A O Neill A Cavalier Classic Tyndall Bon Homme H Vermillion H Harrisburg H 10/3 10/4 10/8 10/11 10/13 10/15 10/18 10/22 10/24 Tripp-Delmont-Armour Armour Scotland H Chester Tourn. Parkston A Andes Central H Lennox H Winne A SESD Tourn. H South Central Burke
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