Fall Sports Preview 2011


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PRESS & DAKOTAN FALL SPORTS PREVIEW 2011 PAGE 9 NEBRASKA HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL Players To Watch CHET BECKMANN, BLOOMFIELD. The 6-foot-1 quarterback earned second team All-District honors last season. ALEC WILSON, BLOOMFIELD. The running back also finished second in Class D-2 tackle points last fall. RYAN MITTEIS, CREIGHTON. An all-state quarterback, he led the Bulldogs to the Class D-1 title game. TOM PEITZ, CROFTON. A 220-pound running back, he is a difficult player to tackle. Allen Wausa COACH: Dave Uldrich (11th year) ASSISTANTS: Marc Bathke, Zach Wemhoff VITALS: Class D1, Lewis and Clark Conference LAST YEAR: The Eagles struggled last season due to injuries, penalties and turnovers and finished with a record of 2-6. The team lost eight starters and eight letterwinners from last year s roster. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Jacob Stewart (Jr., 6-0, 190, E/G), Kyle Finnegan (Sr., 6-0, 160, B), Coft Reuter (Sr., 5-10, 150, B/CB), Austin Cannot (So., 6-0, 145, E/CB), Anthony Kennelly (Sr., 5-10, 160, G/LB), Derek Torres (Sr., 5-10, 145, LB), Charles Brahmsteadt (Sr., 6-3, 185, DE/T), Brandon Sullivan (Jr., 5-9, 145, B), Zach Crom (Jr., 5-10, 155, QB), Seth Malcom (So., 5-10, 205, G/T), Levi Madsen (So., 5-10, 220, G/T) TOP PROSPECTS: Jon Bausch (Jr., 5-11, 165, DE/E), Trevor Stapleton (So., 5-9, 195, C), Cole Stewart (So., 5-11, 165, FB/LB), Caleb Thomas (Fr., 5-9, 160, FB/LB), Bryan Beese (Fr., 5-9, 145, RB/QB) COACH: Rusty Fuller (4th year) ASSISTANTS: Adrian Alonzo, Brandon Kirby, Tylor Fincher VITALS: District D2 Region 7 LAST YEAR: The Vikings ended 3-5, but feel that the latter part of the season ended strongly and is indicative of what they will be this season. Wausa only loses two starters from last year s young squad. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Logan Bloomquist (Sr., 6-1, 220, RB/LB, 2nd team All-District), Marcus Claussen (Jr., 6-2, 180, QB/LB, 2nd team All-District), Trevor Wakeley (Jr., 6-2, 160, TE/LB, 2nd team All-District), Adam Kleinschmit (Jr., 6-0, 150, TE/DB), Spencer Rosberg ( So., 5-10, 155, RB/DB), Tanor McFarland (So., 5-10, 185, C/N) TOP PROSPECTS: Nate Story (Sr., 5-11, 185, G/DE), Jeff Bloomquist (Sr., 5-8, 165, G/DE), Austin Conn (So., 6-0, 150, QB/DB), Matt Koehler (So., 5-10, 180, G/DE), Hunter Vanness (So., 6-0, 170, TE/LB) Wynot Bloomfield COACH: Jim Dooley (12th year) ASSISTANTS: Gary Walling, Matt Kuchar, Jason Hefner VITALS: Class D2, District 7 LAST YEAR: The Bees finished the season with a 6-4 record and will return 10 starters on offense and defense this season. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Ty Alexander (Jr., 5-10, 145, TB/DB), Chet Beckmann (Jr., 6-1, 170, QB/DB, 2nd Team All-District), Dakota Burgerhoff (Jr., 6-0, 175, OL/DL, 2nd Team All-District), Maximilian David (Jr., 6-5, 220, TE/DL, Honorable Mention All-District), Evan Koertje (Jr., 6-0, 185, OL/DL, Honorable Mention All-District), Dominic Lammers (Jr., 5-11, 170, OL/LB, 2nd Team All-District), Nick Nagengast (Jr., 6-2, 185, TE/DL, Honorable Mention All-District), Alec Wilson (Jr., 5-9, 175, RB/LB, 1st Team All-District), Dylan Wilson (Sr., 5-10, 155, RB/DB, 2nd Team AllDistrict) TOP PROSPECTS: Brenden Johnson (So., 5-9, 160, RB/DB), Tyler Zach (Fr., 511, 315, RB/DB), Trent Johnson (So., 5-8, 150, OL/LB), Brandon Lawyer (So., 6-1, 160, TE/DL), Cleveland One Horn (Jr., 6-1, 220, OL/DL), Tim Broders (So., 5-10, 140, RB/DB), Cody Beckmann (Fr., 5-9, 160), Andrew Klintworh (Fr., 5-9, 250) Creighton COACH: Jeff Jensen (11th year) ASSISTANTS: Russ Diedrichsen, Cole Fischer, Layne Pahl, Sam Davidson, Tyler Mitteis, Ian Rappolt VITALS: Class D1 LAST YEAR: In their first season in 8man football, the Bulldogs had a successful run and finished with a record of 12-1, their only loss coming in the state championship. Creighton lost quite a few key players from last year s roster, but have 16 letterwinners returning. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Ryan Mitteis (Sr., 6-1, 175, QB/DB, All-State), Cody Fitch (Sr., 6-4, 185, TE/LB, Honorable Mention All-District), Cale Dohmen (Sr., 6-2, 220, OL/DL), Aaron Von Seggern (Sr., 5-9, 170, OL/LB), Phil Prather (Sr., 6-0, 175, OL/DL), Cole Thomas (Jr., 6-0, 170, RB/DB, Honorable Mention All-District), Bronson Pahl (Jr., 5-10, 150, QB/REC/DB), Andrew Eggerling (Jr., 5-9, 160, RB/LB), Alik York (Jr., 6-0, 165, OL/LB), Zack Sorensen (Jr., 6-3, 210, OL/DL), Blake Waldow (Jr., 5-10, 190, OL/LB), Ryan Volquardsen (Jr., 6-1, 160, TE/LB), Jacob Morrill (So., 6-0, 185, RB/LB, All-District), Seth Wilmes (So., 6-2, 180, RB/LB), Cole Condon (So., 5-9, 150, REC/DB) TOP PROSPECTS: Levi Nielsen (Jr., 6-2, 240, OL/DL), Lane Jacobsen (So., 6-0, 230, OL/DL), Jhett Avery (So., 5-11, 205, OL/DL), Ian Fuchtman (So., 6-1, 185, OL/LB), Jake Ripp (So., 5-9, 140, REC/DB), Justin Wilmes (So., 5-11, 160, QB/REC/LB), Kory Wagner (So., 6-0, 180, RB/LB), Taylor Vogt (So., 5-9, 220, OL/DL), Billie York (So., 6-2, 190, TE/LB), Brian Bendana (So., 5-10, 160, RB/LB), Mitchell Borgmann (So., 6-0, 150, REC/DB), Dakotah York (So., 5-6, 130, REC/DB), Tanner CREIGHTON: Ryan Mitties (3) Homan (So., 5-9, 190, OL/DL), Michael Kracht (So., 5-10, 185, OL/DL), Reid Liska (Fr., 6-0, 145, RB/DB), Colton Boelter (Fr., 5-10, 150, QB/RB/LB), Beau Schindler (Fr., 6-0, 165, RB/LB), Grant Mathis (Fr., 6-1, 220, OL/DL), Austyn Larsen (Fr., 6-2, 290, OL/DL), Taylor Carstens (Fr., 6-4, 170, TE/LB), Sheldon Lemke (Fr., 6-0, 185, OL/LB), Derek Hart (Fr., 5-10, 175, OL/DL), Connor Baldwin (Fr., 5-9, 165, OL/DL) Crofton COACH: Tony Hoffman (12th year) ASSISTANT: Tom Allen VITALS: Class C-2 LAST YEAR: The Warriors had another great season as they ended the year at 10-1. Crofton rolled through the competition for 10 games before losing to St. Cecelia in the state playoffs. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Tom Pietz (Sr., RB/DB, 2010 AllState), Ben Hegge (Jr., REC/DB), Alex Janssen (So., QB/DB), Adam Spady (Jr., WB/DB), Logan Schieffer (Sr., RB/LB), Austin Woockman (So., WB/DB), Justin Janssen (Jr., RB/DB), Derek Van Heek (Jr., RB/DE), Evan Woockman (So., WB/DB), Calan List (Sr., TE/DE), Jake Guenther (So., T/DE), Brady Steffen (Jr., G/DT), Travis Allvin (Jr., T/DT), Nathan Hoffman (Sr., G/DE, 2010 All-State), Dakota Miller (Jr., TE/DE), Austin Jones (Sr., TE/DE) TOP PROSPECTS: Dustin Bertsinger (Fr., RB/DB), Corbin Wavernek (So., WB/LB), Lathan Maibum (Fr., RB/DB), Dustin Whipple (Jr., RB/LB), Austin Bertsinger (Sr., RB/DT), Brock Mueller (Fr., T/DT), Korey Boelter (Jr., RB/DB), JT Allen (So., C/LB), Taylor Johnson (Jr., T/DT), Anthony Mota-Morales (Fr., T/DT), Preston Evans (So., T/DT), Riley Haberman (Jr., TE/DB), Eric Kleinschmit (So., TE/DE), Tyler Koch (Fr., TE/DE) Hartington COACH: Blair Kalin (19th year) ASSISTANTS: Jerry Bult, John Sloup, Rob Morten, Josh Morten LAST YEAR: The Wildcats had three convincing victories last year, but weren t able to pull off the close games at the end of the year landing them at 3-6 overall. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Josh Nelson (Sr., 5-11, 185, OL/DL), Adam Hochstein (Jr., 5-11, 160, E/DL), Adam Wortmann (Sr., 6-0, 175, E/DL), Eric Derickson Parker Pheasants Football 8/26 9/2 9/9 9/16 Baltic H Centerville H Viborg-Hurley Hurley Howard A 9/23 10/7 10/14 10/20 Chester Area H Irene-Wakonda Irene Alcester-Hudson H Gayville-Volin A Parker Pheasants Volleyball 8/27 8/30 9/1 9/8 9/10 9/13 9/15 9/17 9/19 9/20 Canton Tourn. Sioux Valley A McCook Central-Montrose H Big East Conf. Garretson Big East Conf. Chester Tea Area A Alcester-Hudson H Cavalier Classic Tyndall Irene-Wakonda Wakonda Chester Area H 9/22 9/29 10/1 10/4 10/6 10/8 10/13 10/18 10/21 10/24 Baltic Garretson Beresford Lennox Scotland Chester Classic Parkston Flandreau West Central Howard H A H A H (Jr., 5-10, 165, OL/LB), Reece Pedersen (Jr., 60, 170, OL/LB), Nick Miller (Jr., 5-11, 165, QB/DB), Pat Wortmann (So., 5-10, 150, RB/DB), Taylor Fischer (Jr., 5-9, 150, RB/DB), Ty Dybdal (So., 5-10, 175, OL/DL), Alec Fuelberth (Jr., 5-11, 175, RB/LB) McCoy (Jr., 6-2, 185, OL/DL) TOP PROSPECTS: Cory Petersen (So., 5-8, 150, WR/DB), Zach Shear (Jr., 6-0, 170, WR/DE), Chayce Hirschman (Fr., 5-9, 200, OL/DL), Tyler Schurman (Sr., 6-0, 185, OL/DL) Hartington Cedar Catholic COACH: Shawn Koch (4th year) ASSISTANT: Tim Schindler VITALS: Class D-2, District D2-7 LAST YEAR: The Raiders ended the year at 2-6. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Robbie Whipple (Sr., 6-5, 310, OL/DL), Bryson Irwin (Sr., 6-1, 230, OL/DL), Kyle Mohr (Jr., 6-2, 190, RB/LB), Rickie Koepke (Sr., 6-0, 210, RB/LB), Donnie Anderson (So., 5-6, 155, RB/LB), Jonah Lee (So., 6-2, 145, TE/DE) TOP PROSPECTS: Andrew Hoesing (Fr., 6-2, 160, RB/LB), Nick Kneifl (Fr., 5-10, 150, TE/DE), Jacob Tanderup (Fr., 5-9, 150, OL/DL), Austin Blatchford (Fr., 5-5, 110, RB/CB), Gauge Olsen (Fr., 5-8, 140, OL/DL) COACH: Chad Cattau ASSISTANTS: Mike Johnson, Jason Folkers, and Tate Cunningham VITALS: Mid State Conference LAST YEAR: The Trojans ended the year at 3-6 overall, but remain confident that last year was a good year to give their young squad some experience. Off of last year s team Cedar Catholic returns eight defensive starters and eight offensive starters. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Kyle Klug (Sr., 27/63 passing for 366 yards and 3 touchdowns), Matthew Leise (Sr.), Nick Uhing (Sr., 92 total tackles and 4 tackles for loss), Taylor Kathol (So.), Trent Jansen (Jr.), Todd Kathol (Sr.), Grant Dickes (Jr.), Keenan Sudbeck (Sr., 44 carries for 380 yards and 4 touchdowns), Mitchell Sudbeck (Sr.), Frank Herbolsheimer (Jr., 140 carries for 800 yards and 7 touchdowns), Kellyn Dump (Sr.), Kraig Sudbeck (Jr.), Connor Wieseler (Fr.), Danny Loecker (Jr.), Eric Kruse (Sr.), Tyler Loberg (Sr., 80 total tackles), Zach Kathol (Sr.), Grant Howell (So.), Logan Weinandt (Sr., 31 receptions for 386 yards and 1 touchdown. 80 total tackles, 4 sacks, and 15 tackles for loss), Zach Wuebben (Sr.), Patrick Wieseler (Jr.) TOP PROSPECTS: James Kaiser (Fr.), Noah Miller (So.), Cody Lammers (Jr.), Steven Thoene (Jr.), Ethan Kramer (So.), Jared Wiebelhaus (Fr.), Zach Fisher (Fr.), Tristan Steffen (Fr.), Ryan Becker (Fr.), Mitchell Steffen (Fr.), Samuel Wortmann (Fr.), Ty Becker (Fr.), Alex Fisher (Fr.), Andrew Lorenz (Sr.), Kyle Sturek (Jr.), Shane Hamilton (Fr.), Bennett Steffen (Fr.), Austin Koch (Fr.), Tucker Loberg (Fr.), Andy Schieffer (Fr.), Luke Burbach (Fr.), Jared Burbach (So.), Garrett Heine (Fr.) Laurel-Concord-Coleridge COACH: T.J. Shiers (1st year) ASSISTANT: Shannon Benson VITALS: Class C-2, District 5 LAST YEAR: The Bears were able to win two games while playing a tough schedule, they ended 2-6 overall. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Mitch Heikes (Sr., 5-11, 175, RB/LB), Kyle Kardell (Je., 5-9, 170, QB/S), Justin Saunders (Jr., 6-2, 200, TE/DE), Ben Barelman (So., 6-0, 185, OL/DL), Daniel Hartnett (Sr., 6-0, 165, WR/DB), Ethan Hirschman (So., 6-1, 210, OL/DL), Austin Roach (Jr., 5-8, 170, RB/LB), Austin Gothier (Jr., 5-9, 180, C/DL), Brett Haisch (So., 5-9, 180, RB/LB) Nathan Schmitt (Jr., 5-8, 155, WR/DB), Beau Wheeler (Sr., 5-9, 150, WR/DB), Trevor Hallman (Sr., 5-9, 170, OL/DL), Mitch Hartman (Jr., 6-0, 170, TE/DE), Shawn Heritage Freeman (Sr., 6-1, 225, OL/DL), Austin Korth (Jr., 6-2, 150, RB/DE), Jared Korth (6-5, 160, WR/DE), Austin Gubbels (So., 5-10, 260, OL/DL), Nathan Turink (Jr., 6-0, 190, OL/DL) TOP PROSPECT: Dillon Loberg (Fr., 5-11, 180, RB/LB) Newcastle Randolph COACH: Mark Lech (5th year) ASSISTANTS: Jim Hixson, Ted Stubbs, Layne Sievers, Tom Shafer VITALS: Class D-1 District D1-7 LAST YEAR: The Cardinals (3-6) had a rough season as they were loaded with underclassmen. They look to replace three starters from last year s team and five total letterwinners. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Nolan Northues (So., 6-0, 150, QB/DB, All-District Honorable Mention), Levi Lackas (Jr., 6-2, 145, RB/DB), Grant Anderson (Jr., 6-6, 195, WR/DB), Severin Bach (Sr., 6-5, 260, OL/DL, All-District), Rodger Haselhorst Menno Food Market 234 South 5th St. Menno, SD (605) 387-5159 Monday-Saturday 7:30am-8pm Sunday 11am-4pm Farmer s Grain & Stock Co. Menno, SD (605) 387-5137 Have a Great Season! CROFTON: Tom Peitz (right) Farmer s Union Insurances Gary & Marsha Schelske 1-800-638-6860 Menno, SD MENNO STATE BANK 105 S. 5th St. PO Box 345 Menno, SD 387-5111 Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-4pm Saturday 9am-Noon (605) 925-4510 H H H H COACH: Steve Heimes (1st year) ASSISTANTS: Steve Wieseler, Todd Pinkelman VITALS: Class D2, Lewis and Clark Conference LAST YEAR: The Blue Devils put together a respectable 5-4 record, but the hunger for wins was not fully satisfied. Wynot lost in the first round of the post-season to Sterling. There is a lot of talent to replace on the field from last year s crew as the Blue Devils lose fourteen starters. RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Koby Sudbeck (Sr., 6-0, 170, RB), Austin Wieseler (Sr., 6-0, 160, S), Chris Schmidt (Sr., 6-4, 185, TE), Scott Foxhoven (Jr., 5-10, 180, LB), Nathan Wieseler (Jr., 6-7, 210, TE), Joe Harold (So., 6-0, 230, OL), Kyle Bruening (Jr., 6-4, 250, OL), Jackson Sudbeck (So., 5-10, 170, QB), Davis Wieseler (So., 6-0, 185, WR) TOP PROSPECTS: Brady Stratman (So., 6-0, 180, RB), Seamus Koch (Jr., 5-10, 175, OLB), Kyle Eskens (So., 6-4, 220, OL), John Debloune (Jr., 5-10, 180, OL), Christian Krye (Jr., 5-10, 160, WR) Bridgewater (605) 729-2744 Menno (605) 387-5641 Garden The Beer Menno, SD Stop in after the game! Menno Wolves Football 8/26 9/2 9/9 9/16 www.geocities.com/thebeergarden/index.htm Irene-Wakonda Irene Corsica-Stickney H Andes Central H Centerville A 9/23 9/30 10/7 10/14 Gayville-Volin Plankinton Marion Scotland H A A H Menno Lady Wolves Volleyball 8/29 8/30 9/1 9/6 9/15 9/19 9/22 9/24 9/26 9/27 Centerville A Tripp-Delmont-Armour H Freeman Academy H Bridgewater-Emery H McCook Central-Montrose Salem Viborg-Hurley H Freeman H Cornbelt Conf. Marion Ethan H Cornbelt Conf. Marion 9/29 10/1 10/4 10/6 10/11 10/19 10/21 10/24 Bon Homme A Marion Tourn. Marion A Irene-Wakonda/ Gayville-Volin Wakonda Hanson A Canistota A Avon A Scotland A
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