Ask The Experts 8/25/18


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    ? HVAC Q. Do you service fireplaces? Chris Rederick Service Technician A. Yes, we do! Enjoying a warm, cozy fire requires a clean, safe fireplace. Kalins Indoor Comfort services all makes and models of gas and electric fireplaces and can make that eyesore transform into a focal point. Kalins Service Technicians are trained to properly clean and inspect your fireplace. Yankton Vermillion Sioux City 2018 Broadway, Yankton 665-4348 Funeral & Cremation Pharmacy/Nutrition Q. the best Q. What is MINOR way to treat Why do many funeral homes make it hard to figure out Jim Goglin Funeral Director, their prices and costs? CFSP A. Unfortunately, many funeral homes make it difficult for the general public to decipher their services because they simply don t want everyone to know how expensive their services have become. And they certainly don t want people to compare prices between funeral homes. A healthy market for the public requires competition between businesses. Funeral homes need to compete for better services at lower prices, something we are quite proud to have been offering the Yankton community. Due to pressure from our continued exceptional advertised prices for cremations and memorial services, our competitor funeral homes have either frozen their annual inflation and/or even slightly lowered their prices. We find this a success for the Yankton community and will continue to offer exceptional services at unbeatable prices. Call or stop by today to get all the answers and prices you need or want! Goglin Funeral Homes Yankton Tyndall Scotland Tripp Shona Jussel, RPh burns or sunburns? A. The goal of minor burn treatment is to promote healing, prevent infection, relieve pain and minimize scarring. The burned skin should be cooled as soon as possible to reduce pain and swelling. Use cool, running tap water for 10 to 30 minutes. Do not use ice as it can worsen the injury. Over the counter meds such as ibuprofen, naproxen, or acetaminophen may be taken by mouth to treat the pain. Blistered skin should not be forcibly broken open as this increases the risk of infection. If a blister breaks on its own, the area should be cleaned with water and protected with a covering. It is generally not necessary to use antibiotic ointment for a burn with intact skin,but could be used if skin is broken. Aloe gels or creams may feel soothing. Topical sprays, such as Solarcaine, must be used with caution as there may be serious side effects with use over 4 times per day, especially for a large area. Always remember to reapply sunscreen often to prevent sunburn. 807 W. 31st St., Yankton 665-4414 866-615-2906 Pharmacy 665-8261 Chiropractic Ear, Nose & Throat Q. A. Q. What does your health map look like? Sheila Fitzgerald, DC How do you feel week to week; day to day; hour to hour? If you are not happy with the status quo, how can you make it better? Your health map is a visual of where you are now and where you want to be with your health. What factors can you track now and set a plan to change? The big groups that steer our health care are doing just that with collection of data, studying care gaps and implementing ways to improve the risk scores of the population. We can do that on our own by identifying what we need to change, and doing more good than bad for ourselves. Our team of doctors and staff care for patients at different places on their own journey to health and provide care, advice and resources for them to have a better outcome. Good health is not just having good luck but rather choices on a journey! 2507 Fox Run Parkway, Yankton, SD, 665-8073 Fitness/Health Q. I read an article recently that said you should add lateral exercise to your workout. What does that mean? A. Kendra Bailey, Au.D. CCC-A A. That is an excellent question that I am asked nearly every day. Unfortunately, under the current Medicare plans, hearing aids are not a covered service; however, hearing evaluations and other diagnostic tests are covered annually if an individual is referred to their audiologist by their primary care physician. Some private health care plans that may be used for supplemental insurances do include certain hearing testing, hearing aid evaluation, and hearing aid benefits coverage but vary greatly from one private health plan to the next. If the financial aspect of hearing healthcare is your main concern, there are programs to provide either temporary loaner hearing aids or financial assistance with the cost of hearing aids and their related services. Feel free to contact our office if you would like further information regarding these assistance programs or with any other hearing healthcare related questions. Avera Sacred Heart Hospital Professional Office Pavilion 409 Summit St., Ste. 2600, Yankton 668-8601 Podiatry Angie O Connor Clinical Exercise Specialist The article you read is correct and the average adult tends to neglect the lateral movement pattern in their fitness routine. If you think about what you do each day, in general and in your workout, you re likely doing a lot of forward/backward movements. You re walking from place to place, you utilize a treadmill or elliptical for your cardio and you don t have much side to side or lateral movement happening. While forward/backward training is important, it s also important to add side to side movements like short distance shuffles, grapevines and lateral lunges to your routine. These types of movements help stabilize joints, prevent muscle imbalances and reduce your risk for injuries. You may even know someone who s injured a knee during a lateral movement of some kind. Many of those types of injuries can be prevented through regular lateral movement training. Talk to your personal trainer or strength and conditioning coach for a workout plan that includes the lateral training you need! 501 Summit, Yankton 668-8357 Dr. Bailey, does Medicare cover the cost of hearing aids or hearing testing? spur causing Q. Is aheel pain? my A. Plantar heel pain, generally diagnosed as Terence Pederson, plantar fasciitis, affects many people. It can D.P.M. come on suddenly, and without any history of trauma or overuse. However, many times it can be traced back to increased activity, weight gain, starting an exercise program, or lots of walking and standing during a vacation. Generally, when someone presents to the office with heel pain, we take an x-ray to make sure there are no bone abnormalities. Oftentimes, you will find a spur on the heel bone where the muscles attach to the bone. This bone growth is in the area of pain, so people associate this spur with the reason why the heel hurts. This growth of the bone is not a true spur. It is the pull of the muscle attachment on the bone which causes the bone to grow and form a type of shelf. The bone growth does not point down and does not point up. It projects straight out in line with the muscle. The bone growth, or spur, does not impinge on any joints. Therefore, it is not the spur that hurts with plantar fasciitis. The heel pain comes from the stress and strain and degeneration of the soft tissue that attach around and to, the spur. If it was truly the spur that hurt, then the only treatment would be to remain non-weight bearing, or to surgically excise the spur. If someone has surgery for plantar fasciitis, we no longer remove the spur. We remove the tissue attachment from the spur, and that allows the tissue to heal, which then relieves the heel pain. Avera Sacred Heart Hospital Professional Office Pavilion 409 Summit St., Ste. 2600, Yankton 668-8601

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