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    ? HVAC Computers/Networks Does my business need a managed service provider? Q. A. Lance Corbit Technician A managed service provider is a business that offers managed services such as secure networks, managed computer backups, managed antivirus, security compliance and reporting and computer health monitoring all in one place. If your business runs multiple computers, an active domain or a local server you could benefit from the security and proactive approach that a managed service provides. By utilizing a managed service provider any issues within your system could be identified and addressed immediately, which would result in less down time for your business. 1901 Broadway, Yankton 605-664-2222 Q. What are some ways homeowners can alleviate allergy symptoms? A. Brad Haas Comfort Advisor Spring or allergy season, as a lot of people call it is a great time to schedule an HVAC preventative maintenance appointment. We know what it s like to suffer from allergies, the frustration of dry skin, watery eyes and scratchy throats. Not only does a regular preventative maintenance keep your system healthy, service by a Kalins professional will help reduce indoor allergens and ensure your system is dust and blockage free. In addition, products such as the Lennox Healthy Climate Media Air Cleaner will also assist in the battle against allergies. This helps make your home s air healthier by removing more than 85% of particles such as dust, dirt and mold spores. Humidifiers will help minimize problems with dry air, sore throats and respiratory problems. Dehumidifiers relieve symptoms of over-humidification in the home such as dampness, odor or mold/mildew. Air Purifiers deactivate airborne and surface contaminants like mold, bacteria and viruses and neutralize household odors. So, don t suffer, we can help! Stop by 2018 Broadway, or give us a call at: 605-665-4348. Yankton Vermillion Sioux City 2018 Broadway, Yankton 605-665-4348 Funeral & Cremation Pharmacy/Nutrition Why do many funeral homes make it hard to figure out their prices and costs? Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Q. A. Jim Goglin Funeral Director, CFSP Unfortunately, many funeral homes make it difficult for the general public to decipher their services because they simply don t want everyone to know how expensive their services have become. And they certainly don t want people to compare prices between funeral homes. A healthy market for the public requires competition between businesses. Funeral homes need to compete for better services at lower prices something we are quite proud to have been offering the Yankton community. Due to pressure from our continued exceptional advertised prices for cremations and memorial services, our competitor funeral homes have either frozen their annual inflation and/or even slightly lowered their prices. We find this is a success for the Yankton community and will continue to offer exceptional services at unbeatable prices. Call or stop by today to get all the answers and prices you need or want! Kim Kortje If you are a person with type-2 diabetes, you are at risk to develop cardiac (heart) disease. There are many new agents used today to help control your blood sugars and maintain a reasonable A1C. In addition to taking your medications as prescribed and on a regular basis, it is important to manage cardiac health to minimize your risk. It is beneficial to maintain good blood pressure control, keep your lipid profile within normal range, stop smoking, maintain a healthy manageable weight, keep a regular physical activity routine and an overall healthy lifestyle. So the next time you have that doctor visit, remember to visit with your doctor about your cardiac risk. Your lab work will help your doctor monitor your overall cardiac risk, also. Remember, your doctor is monitoring more than just your blood glucose control with each diabetic visit! Goglin Funeral Homes Yankton Tyndall Scotland Tripp 807 W. 31st St., Yankton 665-4414 866-615-2906 Ear, Nose & Throat Chiropractic Q. Have you considered chiropractic care for your headaches? Q. Sheila Fitzgerald, DC A. Headaches, both tension and migraine headaches are the second most common condition managed by chiropractors. Research supports that chiropractic care is effective for decreasing intensity and even frequency of headaches. Few interventions can give headache relief naturally like chiropractic can. After a good history and exam, we can identify contributing factors for the headache including joint dysfunction, trigger points, jaw problems, poor posture and poor diet. Chiropractic has always recognized that the body has an amazing innate ability to heal itself. It s our job to create the environment to allow that to happen and to educate our patients on what they can do to help themselves as well. 2507 Fox Run Parkway, Yankton, SD, 665-8073 Fitness/Health Q. A. Dr. Baily, I know I have hearing loss but I don t think I m ready for hearing aids. Are there risks to not having my hearing loss treated? Kendra Bailey, Au.D. CCC-A A. That s a great question and I d be happy to answer it! It s unfortunate that you feel you are not ready for hearing aids at this time as there are several consequences to untreated hearing loss. Multiple studies have repeatedly documented the negative cognitive, social, and psychological effects of untreated hearing loss. Untreated hearing loss has been linked to increased fatigue, depression, loneliness, irritability, and anger. In addition, individuals tend to start avoiding or withdrawing from social situations. Job performance can also be negatively impacted by not treating a known hearing loss. I strongly recommend reconsidering your decision to not pursue hearing aids. At Avera Medical Group, our goal is to get you started on the road to better hearing health. We d be happy to sit down and discuss your options with you. Avera Sacred Heart Hospital Professional Office Pavilion 409 Summit St., Ste. 2600, Yankton 668-8601 Podiatry What is Yin Yoga ? Angie O Connor Clinical Exercise Specialist It is difficult to determine by the name sometimes what the various styles of yoga are. Many people just assume yoga is yoga and are unaware that there are various styles at all. Each have their purpose. Yin is a style intended to increase circulation and improve flexibility. It does that by applying moderate stress to the connective. Asanas are postures used in yoga. With the Yin style those postures are held for a long period of time. They can be held from forty-five seconds or up to five minutes or more depending on how advanced the student is. Holding for such long periods helps to provide that deep relaxation of the muscle and connective tissue that really makes you feel great. We offer Yin at the Avera Sacred Heart Wellness Center, come give it a try! 501 Summit, Yankton 668-8357 Pharmacy 665-8261 Q. What is new in orthotic technology? A. A new generation of functionally reactive Terence Pederson, D.P.M. orthotics will be available someday soon to the average practitioner, who will be able to fabricate them in their own office. 3-D printing along with microprocessor technology will generate a new era in the fabrication of orthotics. The New Age orthotics will have the capability to react in milliseconds to the functional demands of the foot and ankle. The new orthotics will be programmable to change It s tensile strength based on the patient s activities. This will make them extremely custom fit when the foot engages the ground and is exposed to varying pressures. For example, walking versus running. The orthotic will adjust itself, according to the demands placed upon it. Orthotics are an excellent custom molded device that treat foot and ankle pain. They re also used to alleviate knee and back pain. Avera Sacred Heart Hospital Professional Office Pavilion 409 Summit St., Ste. 2600, Yankton 668-8601

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