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    ? HVAC Q. What areofthe HVAC benefits an preventative maintenance agreement? Chris Rederick Service Technician At Kalins Indoor Comfort, your comfort, satisfaction and peace of mind is our top priority. Our Comfort Club Maintenance Agreements provide you with reliable, worry-free maintenance for your HVAC equipment. We come out twice a year to perform a heating and a cooling preventative maintenance. We have three levels of plans to fit every budget and offer easy monthly pay. Benefits of becoming a member include; priority service, no overtime rates for after-hours coverage, scheduled system cleaning reminders, 12 month labor warranty on repairs, 15% discount on repairs and guaranteed appointments. You wouldn t forget your car oil change, so don t neglect the most expensive appliance in your home! A. Yankton Vermillion Sioux City 2018 Broadway, Yankton 665-4348 Funeral & Cremation Pharmacy/Nutrition Q. Do all funerala homes have Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease crematory? Jim Goglin Funeral Director, CFSP A. In the state of South Dakota, there is a total of 94 funeral homes (plus several funeral chapels ) and only 10 crematories. All funeral homes provide cremation services, but only 1 in 9 actually personally cremates the deceased s body. Most funeral homes outsource their cremations to these 10 crematories or even to crematories in adjoining states. The Goglin Funeral Home owns and operates it s own crematory, so your loved one never leaves our care. Kim Kortje If you are a person with type-2 diabetes, you are at risk to develop cardiac (heart) disease. There are many new agents used today to help control your blood sugars and maintain a reasonable A1C. In addition to taking your medications as prescribed and on a regular basis, it is important to manage cardiac health to minimize your risk. It is beneficial to maintain good blood pressure control, keep your lipid profile within normal range, stop smoking, maintain a healthy manageable weight, keep a regular physical activity routine and an overall healthy lifestyle. So the next time you have that doctor visit, remember to visit with your doctor about your cardiac risk. Your lab work will help your doctor monitor your overall cardiac risk, also. Remember, your doctor is monitoring more than just your blood glucose control with each diabetic visit! Goglin Funeral Homes Yankton Tyndall Scotland Tripp 807 W. 31st St., Yankton 665-4414 866-615-2906 Pharmacy 665-8261 Chiropractic Ear, Nose & Throat Q. A. Q. What can we do to prevent falls? Sheila Fitzgerald, DC Statistically, every 13 seconds an older adult is seen in an emergency department for a fall related injury. The National Council on Aging has released recommendations for older individuals for preventing falls. Find a good balance and exercise program Talk to all of your health care providers who can assess your risk of falling Regularly review prescription medication and take only as prescribed Check vision and hearing regularly Keep your home safe with good lighting and avoiding tripping hazards Talk to your family members and get help in staying safe At your next visit, ask about our Fall Prevention Program and recommendations for seniors who are at risk. The program is easy to learn and designed so you can do it at home. 2507 Fox Run Parkway, Yankton, SD, 665-8073 Fitness/Health Q. Is an elliptical or treadmill better for my cardio workout? A. Matthew Rumsey, Au.D. CCC-A Yes, it is very important to have your newborn s hearing tested. Fortunately, it is not something most parents have to worry about. Current newborn hearing screening programs are screening at least 94% of newborns prior to discharge from the hospital. Our goal is to confirm normal hearing or identify hearing difficulties prior to one month of age so that we can begin to provide appropriate treatment or rehabilitation prior to six months of age in all newborns. Although these programs are very good at identifying problems, don t underestimate how well you know your child. If you feel he or she is having a difficulty hearing, you should have it tested. It takes about an hour and you will leave with full understanding of the results. If you would like more information regarding newborn hearing screening programs, feel free to contact our office at (605) 6551220. Avera Sacred Heart Hospital Professional Office Pavilion 409 Summit St., Ste. 2600, Yankton 668-8601 Podiatry Angie O Connor Clinical Exercise Specialist Both ellipticals and treadmills can provide you a fantastic cardiovascular workout. The treadmill will give you a great calorie burn and is great for both runners and walkers. Adjusting the speed, incline/decline and programs can simulate running outdoors but with the newer model beds they can provide a bit less impact on your joints. The elliptical is great because your feet never leave the pedals. You don t have any impact so it s even better for your ankles, knees and hips than the cushioned treadmill. They also provide an upper body workout when you push and pull the arm handles and increase the resistance. Another added benefit is that you can reverse your direction quite easily working your muscles in a whole new way (not recommended on a treadmill). It can burn a significant amount of calories but it does take a bit of coordination to do properly. Both are great machines and my suggestion would be to mix it up and vary your routine with both! 501 Summit, Yankton 668-8357 A. Dr. Rumsey, is it really that important for my newborn to have his hearing tested prior to leaving the hospital? spur causing Q. Is aheel pain? my A. Plantar heel pain, generally diagnosed as Terence Pederson, D.P.M. plantar fasciitis, affects many people. It can come on suddenly, and without any history of trauma or overuse. However, many times it can be traced back to increased activity, weight gain, starting an exercise program, or lots of walking and standing during a vacation. Generally, when someone presents to the office with heel pain, we take an x-ray to make sure there are no bone abnormalities. Oftentimes, you will find a spur on the heel bone where the muscles attach to the bone. This bone growth is in the area of pain, so people associate this spur with the reason why the heel hurts. This growth of the bone is not a true spur. It is the pull of the muscle attachment on the bone which causes the bone to grow and form a type of shelf. The bone growth does not point down and does not point up. It projects straight out in line with the muscle. The bone growth, or spur, does not impinge on any joints. Therefore, it is not the spur that hurts with plantar fasciitis. The heel pain comes from the stress and strain and degeneration of the soft tissue that attach around and to, the spur. If it was truly the spur that hurt, then the only treatment would be to remain non-weight bearing, or to surgically excise the spur. If someone has surgery for plantar fasciitis, we no longer remove the spur. We remove the tissue attachment from the spur, and that allows the tissue to heal, which then relieves the heel pain. Avera Sacred Heart Hospital Professional Office Pavilion 409 Summit St., Ste. 2600, Yankton 668-8601

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