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    ? HVAC Computers/Networks Q. A. What do I need to know about Window 7 End of life coming up in January of 2020? Lance Corbit Technician Microsoft has announced that the popular and long lived operating system Windows 7 will no longer be supported, or more importantly be supplied with vulnerability patches and updates to evolving threats after January of 2020. Should you be worried about this? If you are a casual home user, and do not store any confidential information of your own on your PC or any attached storage media and just browse the internet, listen to music or perform other personal tasks you are fine. At some point in 2020 or thereafter you should think about buying a new PC or possibly upgrading to Windows 10 if your computer supports it. If you are a business that deals with any kind of Payment Card Industry Credit Card transactions or a Medical provider that uses and stores patient confidential data on your systems you will need to either upgrade your current hardware or purchase new Windows 10 compliant systems or you will not meet HIPAA compliance. When in doubt give us a call and we can help. 1901 Broadway, Yankton 605-664-2222 Q. A. How can I save on my energy bills this time of year when my furnace is constantly running? Curt Brodsky Service Manager There are many different things that you can do to save on your energy bills: 1) Make sure your thermostat has fresh batteries and is set for your winter comfort needs. In order to save energy, we recommend setting your thermostat to a cooler temperature at night and while you re at work, and turning it up when you re home. If you don t already have one, winter is an excellent time to upgrade to a programmable thermostat. This will help keep your thermostat on the most efficient setting all season long. 2) Sign up for the Comfort Club! The Comfort Club is a preventative maintenance agreement for your HVAC system. Having an agreement not only gives you the advantage of priority service in the event of a system failure, but also ensures that your tune-ups are done on schedule which keeps your system running at peak performance. 3) Also, open window shades during the day to let the sun warm the house and at night close them to keep the warm air in. Ensure that vents are free from obstructions to allow air to circulate thus, eliminating your system from working harder. Give us a call to help with all of these energy saving tips at: 605-665-4348 or stop by at: 2018 Broadway, Yankton. Yankton Vermillion Sioux City 2018 Broadway, Yankton 605-665-4348 Funeral & Cremation Pharmacy/Nutrition Q. Does it costamoney to pre-plan funeral? A. to get healthier Q. Iinwant New Year, but the Jim Goglin Funeral Director, CFSP No, come in and see what is available, take time to decide what you want. Get a pre-planning guide, ask questions, and get a (GPL) General Price List. Every funeral home has to give them to you. Competition is good, price shop before you need the service, ask questions, feel comfortable, see what s available, ask more questions. At our funeral home you will see that information and knowing what you want is more important than the money. Have it in writing (either at the funeral home or at your home) where someone will know where it s at, that is so important, so your family will know what you want. Don t make them make the decisions. They will thank you more than you know. Goglin Funeral Homes Yankton Tyndall Scotland Tripp 807 W. 31st St., Yankton 665-4414 866-615-2906 Chiropractic Snow tips from your chiropractor: where do I start? A. Great question, many people are looking to make healthy changes in the New Year. Whether that be adding exercise, changing their diet, or making another lifestyle change, all play a part in our overall wellness. Many of us struggle with consistency, and there lies the key to becoming a healthier version of yourself. Start with small, attainable goals and go from there. An example of this is to drink more water, half of your weight in ounces 3 days a week or make half of your plate vegetables just 3 days a week. Ideally, we do these things everyday, but start with small and realistic goals. If you re looking to make nutrition changes, stop by Hy-Vee today and jump start your healthy eating regimen by taking a free Nutrition walk! By going aisle by aisle, you get to learn about new items on the shelf and get all your nutrition questions answered. For personalized nutrition consultations or weight loss programs, call 665-3412 and set up an appointment! Pharmacy 665-8261 Ear, Nose & Throat Q. Sheila Fitzgerald, DC Shoveling snow can wreak havoc on the musculoskeletal system. The American Chiropractic Association suggests the following tips for exercise of the snow shoveling variety: Layer clothing to keep your muscles warm and flexible. Shoveling can strain de-conditioned muscles between your shoulders, in your upper back, lower back, buttocks and legs. So, do some warm-up stretching before you grab that shovel. When you do shovel, push the snow straight ahead. Don t try to throw it. Walk it to the snow bank. Avoid sudden twisting and turning motions. Bend your knees to lift when shoveling. Let the muscles of your legs and arms do the work, not your back. Take frequent rest breaks to take the strain off your muscles. A fatigued body asks for injury. Stop if you feel chest pain, or get really tired or have shortness of breath. You may need immediate professional help. After any of these activities, if you are sore, apply an ice bag to the affected area for 20 minutes, then take it off for a couple of hours. Repeat a couple of times each day over the next day or two. If you continue to feel soreness, pain or strain after following these tips, it may be time to visit you doctor of chiropractic at First Chiropractic Center. We look forward to serving you!! Dr. Baily, with family coming for the holidays, I really struggle understanding conversations in our big group. Do you have any advice? Fitness/Health Q. A. A. Avera Sacred Heart Hospital Professional Office Pavilion 409 Summit St., Ste. 2600, Yankton 668-8601 Podiatry Angie O Connor Clinical Exercise Specialist Yes! According to the research, music is said to be akin to a legal performance enhancing drug. Slow, soft music can put you to sleep just like something with a faster pace can seem to energize you. Finding music you really like can take your focus off of the fatigue and aches and pains you might feel when you re putting in a good workout and make it more enjoyable. You ll tend to disassociate with the difficulties of what you re doing and enter into your workout zone . You ll also find that many times without even realizing it, your pace is consistent with the beat of the music. If your usual jog has you running at a rate of 100 beats per minute and your favorite song comes on at 120 beats per minute, I can almost gaurunte you ll find yourself speeding up to 120 without much thought. Need proof that music works? In 2007 USA Track and Field banned headphones and portable audio players in all of their events for safety reasons and to prevent runners from having and unfair advantage! 501 Summit, Yankton 668-8357 Kendra Bailey, Au.D. CCC-A Sir, this is a very common concern! Even people with normal hearing can struggle in noisy environments, but often times trouble understanding conversation is the first sign of hearing loss. Some quick tips for better listening include trying to limit noise in the room such as TVs, radios, or even clanking dishes. Focus on one speaker at a time. Listen with both your eyes and ears. If you have hearing aids, wear them! Don t bluff. Be assertive and ask for clarification. Whether you have hearing loss or not, these strategies can be very helpful! If you have tried these tips and are still having difficulties, schedule an appointment with an audiologist to explore other options to point you in the right direction toward better communication. 2507 Fox Run Parkway, Yankton, SD, 665-8073 Can music really improve athletic performance? Kaitlyn Tusha MS, RD, LN can t keep my toes Q. Iwarm, and they turn A. blue. What is this? It happens when the weather turns cold. Terence Pederson, D.P.M. This is common for those living in a cold environment. Many times it is a condition called Chilblains. Chilblains is a medical condition that occurs when a predisposed individual is exposed to a cold and damp environment. The best treatment for chilblains is preventing the toes from getting cold in the first place. Another very common cause of cold toes is blood pressure medication. Most commonly with beta-blockers. Blood pressure meds cause vasodilation (opening of blood vessels,) but can cause vasoconstriction (closing of blood vessels) in the fingers and toes when exposed to cold. The air temperature of around 50 degrees may start the process. It doesn t have to be freezing. Best treatment is to keep toes from becoming cold. Avera Sacred Heart Hospital Professional Office Pavilion 409 Summit St., Ste. 2600, Yankton 668-8601

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