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Section B: Obstacles


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PRESS & DAKOTAN SATURDAY, AUGUST 6, 2011 PAGE 14B: YANKTON 150 Yankton s First Dakota National Bank was located at the very busy corner of Third and Walnut in the downtown area. It still operates under the first federal charter issued to a Yankton institution back in 1872. (P&D archive photo; from the book Yankton: The Way It Was! by Bob Karolevitz) P&D ARCHIVE PHOTO Yankton s Sacred Heart School operated for decades out of this building near Sacred Heart Church. A new school building was built in 2011, resulting in the demolition of this structure after nearly 90 years of service. (From the book Yankton: The Way It Was! by Bob Karolevitz) Schools From Page 9B Banks From Page 11B he joined the bank in 1983. Banking has changed dramatically, mainly due to electronic delivery means, he said. We didn t have computers 28 years ago. Now we do everything with computers and provide services over the Internet. Since First Dakota National Bank still operates under the original Charter No. 2068, it is recognized as the oldest surviving bank of Dakota Territory. Another Yankton bank that can be traced back to the 1800s is Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo Bank s history in Yankton began when Yankton Savings and Loan was established in 1885. That business survived until 1985, when it was sold to Norwest Bank. In 1998, Norwest Bank merged with Wells Fargo, although the bank s name didn t officially change to Wells Fargo until 2000. The bank also has a second location on Broadway Ave., which was acquired from Marquette Bank in 2002. First National Bank South Dakota is an- other Yankton bank with a history of movement and acquisitions. The bank s roots are tied to Valley State Bank, which was established 49 years ago. The bank was founded by the Erling Haugo family of Sioux Falls, who saw an opportunity in Yankton and a need for an additional financial institution. In 1962, Valley State Bank opened its doors with just three employees and a total capitalization of $300,000. In 1983, First National of Nebraska, Inc. purchased Valley State Bank, with plans of increasing its staff from 20 employees to 70 employees and adding a credit card operation. From 1984 to 1985, a new bank building was constructed, and the old Valley State Bank building was demolished to make room for parking. It was during this time that a credit card division was also added. In 1994, the charter for Valley State Bank was changed from a state charter to a national charter, and the bank was renamed First National Bank South Dakota. Two years later, the credit card operation moved to its current location on Broadway Ave. and is now known as First National Service Center. Today, First National Bank South Dakota, together with First National Service Center, employ over 250 people in Yankton. Although CorTrust Bank s history dates back 80 years, it s story within Yankton is somewhat straightforward. CorTrust Bank, which was incorporated under the name of Live Stock State Bank in 1930 in Artesian, came to Yankton in 1984. The bank purchased the assets of the Yankton, Vermillion, Gayville and Tabor branches from the United National Bank of Sioux Falls. In 1993, Live Stock State Bank changed its name to CorTrust Bank. The bank also opened a Fox Run branch in 1998. While Yankton s banks have a rich history, each institution is also preparing for the future. We look forward to another 80 years in the banking industry, and we are especially excited about continued growth in the Yankton market, said Lynn Peterson, CorTrust Bank senior vice president. We ve been in Yankton for 27 years, and we continue to want to partner with the community to help the community grow for another 27 years. Ness said he was confident about the years ahead as well. We re constantly changing our delivery systems with the advent of more technology, and wherever that is headed, we will continue to adapt, he said. Where I come from, if you re standing still, you re falling behind. Currently there are four elementary schools in the Yankton school district. Webster Elementary School was originally built in 1876 at 510 Pine Street. It cost only $5,000. The existing Webster Elementary School was completed in 1950, with additions in 1970, 1974, 1983 and 1990. The original Lincoln School was completed in 1883 and was located at 815 Locust Street. It was condemned in 1950 and a new Lincoln School was built at its current location, opening in the fall of 1951. Additions through the years have taken place in 1967, 1974, 1983, 1987 and most recently in 2010. Beadle Elementary School, when originally built in 1891, was named after General W.H.H. Beadle, an educator of the Territory in pioneer days. Originally located near the northeast edge of Yankton, the current building opened in the fall of 1926 in the middle of town, highlighting the growth of Yankton. Since 1926 Beadle Elementary has had six additions 1940, 1950, 1953, 1960, 1972 and 1991. Stewart Elementary School is the newest public elementary school in Yankton. It was built in 1965 at 21st and Cedar. Additions were added in 1969, 1987 and most recently in 2010. The newest building project undertaken by the Yankton School District occurred in the 2009-2010 school year when the school board elected to construct a new administration building and bus barn complex on West City Limits Road, replacing the facilities located at the old Grove Elementary building. Sacred Heart has also undergone many building changes. Originally located in a building where Sacred Heart Church now stands, in 1922 a two-story brick school was completed at 5th and Capital Streets. Link Auditorium was added in 1954. In 2002, construction of the new pre-kindergarten through fourth grade classroom addition was completed at the St. Benedict church location. In the fall of 2011, the middle school will move into new facilities adjacent to Sacred Heart Church. The old 1922 building was torn down in July of this summer. While the courses that were offered at the first school included Greek, Latin, French, astronomy, chemistry, geology and philosophy have evolved into English, biology, algebra, Spanish and more, it is clear, the education provided to past and present Yankton students has paved the way for their success in every area of life, a tribute to the schools, teachers and community that have supported them for the last 150 years. Congratulations Yankton on Your 150th Anniversary! In 1861: In 2011: * President Abraham Lincoln takes office as the 16th President of the United States. * The American Civil War begins at Fort Sumter. * The 18 month old Pony Express is ended with the first transcontinental telegraph line in the U.S. * The average rate of pay for a common laborer was $1.12 per day. * US census showed that the United States had 31 million people. * Land prices averaged $2-$5 per acre. * President Barack Obama is the 44th President, and the first black President of the United States. * Operation Enduring Freedom is still ongoing. * Modern technology is replacing letters and face-toface contact with e-mails, voicemails and texting. * The federal minimum wage per hour is $7.25. * The 2010 US census showed the United States population at 308 million people. * Land prices average $1500-$8000 per acre. Some things have changed... But, the important things have not. Sally & Terry Broker Associates 660-5352, 660-6679 150 years ago hard work, great service and honest dealings were valuable commodities. In today s fast paced society, those qualities are even more valuable. Sally & Terry have built their business on the old virtues. If you are selling or buying, give us a call and see what old fashioned service we offer our clients. Yankton s Only Mother-Daughter Real Estate Team It s been 12 years since we bought our first property in Yankton, but Yankton has been a prominent part of our entire life because of the stories our Mother/Grandmother loved to tell us about her favorite town. Laura Boegler was born on a farm in Olivet, South Dakota in 1907. She told of the best times in her life were when she and her sister came to shop in the big city of Yankton, and ended their day listening to Lawrence Welk broadcasting from the Gurney building. Little wonder we would end up moving to Yankton and loving it as she did! Lewis & Clark Realty, Inc.
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