Section B: Obstacles
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Section B: Obstacles


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PRESS & DAKOTAN SATURDAY, AUGUST 6, 2011 YANKTON 150: PAGE 17B A Tradition of Trust Since 1987 We will advise you on prescriptions & over the counter medications that are the best for you & your health. Taking Care of You in the Past, Present, and Future. 218 West 4th Yankton 605-665-8042 M-F 9-6, Sat 9-1 Centennial Memories Are Still Vivid For VanDerhule BY NATHAN JOHNSON As an ambassador for the Dakota Centennial Celebration of 1961 a huge affair that stretched across eight June days Donelda VanDerhule had her work cut out for her. Her husband, Milford, was the mayor at the time, and they were expected to promote the event in the region. But rather than finding the ambassador role to be a chore, 94-yearold Donelda said it was a joyful period in her life. We were invited to places like Wausa, Crofton, Wagner and Tyndall for street dances and other events. We were invited to practically every town in the state, but, of course, you just couldn t make them all, she recalled in an interview with the Press & Dakotan. The most fun we had was going around to the little towns, dancing and seeing all the people, Donelda continued. Now, when I look back, I wonder how I had time for it. I had three kids and an office job. Milford was the owner of VanDerhule Moving and Storage, Inc., and he loved his diplomatic role for the celebration except when it involved snakes. The Rapid City mayor invited him out to milk a rattlesnake, Donelda said of one promotional engagement. My husband was deathly afraid of snakes. Just talking about it would make Milford s hair start to curl. Memories From Page 6B is completely separate from the rest of town, so it feels like I m in another town completely, most of the time. She also enjoys the close relationships on campus. I love the atmosphere and the small student-to-teacher ratio, and I love that I know everyone, she said. I can walk down a hallway and will know and talk to every person I meet, because it's a small, friendly community atmosphere. Gross believes that MMC has trained her well for her current research work. Mount Marty is still preparing me for my future. I m hoping to attend medical school once I graduate from Mount Marty, and the faculty and staff have been fantastic about getting me every opportunity available for me to succeed, she said. Currently, I'm doing research on Huntington's Disease over at (the University of South Dakota in Vermillion) as part of the BRIN program, which Mount Marty and numerous other South Dakota schools are a part of. I have learned so much, and I have received only encouragement from everyone surrounding me at MMC. While she has enjoyed her MMC experiences, Gross sees new We were invited to places like Wausa, Crofton, Wagner and Tyndall for street dances and other events. We were invited to practically every town in the state, but, of course, you just couldn t make them all, DONELDA VANDERHULE However, that didn t prevent him for standing out in the middle of a Rapid City football field for the rattlesnake milking. We were trying to think of all kinds of things to do so he wouldn t have to touch the snake, Donelda said. He had a pair of rubber gloves on, and he had a big stick when he was there. When the centennial celebration finally arrived, it included multiple performances of the Rifles to Rockets pageant, which told the history of Yankton and had a cast of more than 500. Parades, dancing, a costume contest, a barbecue, a carnival and fireworks were also a part of the week-long proceedings. Adding to the historical spirit was the centennial garb bonnets, hoop skirts, top hats and vests that many participants sported. ways for the college to take itself to the next level. There are plenty of improvements and additions I would like to see at Mount Marty in order to make it an even Gross better college, and I think ideas are already pouring in and being taken into consideration, she said. I have heard about a new science center that s going to be built Schmit next to Old Library, and I m jealous that I won't get to experience it myself! That will be an incredible advancement for Mount Marty, and I am excited to see what it brings to the community. Filsinger She hopes the improvement in facilities will continue in the future. I think, along with many others, that renovations in the older buildings would be great, but I know that Mount Marty knows this also, and they are doing what they can to make those improvements happen, she said. As an athlete, Gross shares one other dream she holds for the college s sports scene. Also, I have always, and will We invited all these people to come to Yankton, and let me tell you, they came, Donelda said. The town was packed to the doors. There wasn t room for anything. I think people were ready for something. There had been a lot of hard years around here, and I think people were really ready to get out and celebrate. It was terribly hot during the celebration, according to Donelda. However, that didn t stop anybody from having fun. Her two young sons, Vernon Skip and Ross, rode a bicycle for two dressed as cowboys in a parade. Her daughter, Jane (Brown), remembers wearing her hoop skirt and frequenting the Keating Creamery for ice cream during the carnival, as well as the cart pulled by oxen during the pageant. In 1961, there weren t many restaurants to feed visitors to the community. However, no one went hungry. Every church in town, I swear, had a kitchen going, so you could always find something to eat, Donelda said. Of course, there was enough beer to float a battleship. It was a wonderful time to be a part of the Yankton community, she stated. Having lived here her whole life, Donelda said she can t imagine a better place to call home. I think there s always been an opportunity for people to get ahead in Yankton, she said. We take care of our people. The town is small enough that you watch out for one another. always continue, to wish for a Mount Marty football team! she said, alluding to her desire for MMC to establish a football program. REBECCA SCHMIT Rebecca Schmit of Osmond, Neb., said she immediately liked the MMC atmosphere. The smaller community of Mount Marty College was an easy transition for me, coming from a small town in Nebraska, she said. However, the core reason I chose Mount Marty was for the excellent reputation of their education program, and the inspiring rapport of an education professor that I met on my campus tour. The campus visit clinched her decision to attend MMC, she said. On the ride home from the campus tour, I had already had my college decision made, she said. My first impression of Mount Marty has stayed true as I approach my senior year of college. I feel prepared to begin student teaching in the fall, as well as begin the job search. Schmit believes the people at MMC are what make the college experience enjoyable. Every day, students are interacting with the staff and faculty; in the lunch line, on the way to class, studying in the library, playing intramurals, or just a quick hello (in a store), she said. My experience with Mount Marty professors has been one that has motivated me to give more than what is expected and to challenge my peers and me to COURTESY PHOTO This photo clipping shows Yankton Mayor Milford VanDerhule and his wife, Donelda, wearing period attire as they promote the Dakota Territorial Centennial celebration, which was held in Yankton in 1961. Now 94, Donelda VanDerhule remembers the celebration as great fun. The town was packed to the doors. There wasn t room for anything, she recalled. I think people were ready for something. There had been a lot of hard years around here, and I think people were really ready to get out and celebrate. refrain from taking the easy way out of academic tasks. Schmit also finds that her relationships with fellow students has grown as well. I have found that in the last three years of college, my friends, fellow classmates, and myself have transformed in a way that has brought us all closer together, she said. This past school year I had the most fun in a classroom than I ever have! Each class provided the opportunity for my classmates and I to explore and learn together, with each student utilizing their individuality to reach academic goals. Not only did we learn from our professors, but we learned from each other. My tight-knit classmates and I have begun to treat each other as trustworthy confidants in which we can bounce ideas off of each other as we continuously become closer to our common goal of becoming excellent, well-rounded elementary teachers. DANIEL FILSINGER Daniel Filsinger of Clearwater, Neb., is following a family tradition of attending MMC. However, he also believes the college meets his individual needs. The way I found out about Mt. Marty was because my oldest brother, Christopher Filsinger, attended Mt. Marty five years before I did, he said. He played basketball here and I came up several times to watch games. My family was often at Mount Marty for the several things Christopher was involved in and, coincidentally enough, we won (Mount Marty) Family of the Year. Daniel Filsinger decided to check out the college on his own. My admissions counselor did a great job of recruiting me and making me really feel like Mt. Marty wanted me to come to the college and that they would help me out in any way they could once I got here, he said. Filsinger liked what he saw during a campus visit. I came up here for scholarship day, and during my time here, I got the opportunity to sit in on a graphic design class taught by Shane Miner, he said. Afterwards, Shane and I sat and talked for a while, and I really liked everything he had to say and where the program was going. Mount Marty has done a great job following up on that, too, as I have received a lot of help outside the classroom from my teachers that are not related to my classes at all. Filsinger used those experiences with his teachers, along with help from Estelle Johnson in the career advancement office. He secured work with the marketing department of KPI-JCI and Astec Mobile Screens through the Kolberg-Pioneer section in Yankton. That has been an amazing job, and I can t thank everyone who helped me with that, he said. Filsinger is working on a dual degree in graphic design and media arts and business administration. As part of his campus activities, he also serves as vice president of the Student Government Association and was recently in SWAT (Sophomores Working At Thriving) and YES (Youth Energized through Service). Filsinger sat on the presidential search committee and was part of the re-accreditation committee. He also remains actively involved in youth ministries, outdoor and indoor track and field, orientation leader, intramurals, and several other committees and groups. For Mt. Marty's future, I look forward to seeing what our newly hired president (Dr. Joseph Benoit) will do, as I was deeply involved in the process of hiring him, Filsinger said. I think that, as long as there are people at Mount Marty who care as much as many (people) here do, Mt. Marty will be a very special place to be and (will offer) a great opportunity for young adults to gain invaluable knowledge, experiences and connections. Filsinger wants to see MMC combine its values with the ability to adapt to a changing world. I hope that Mt. Marty never loses site of the great foundations the college stands on, but (that it) continues to evolve with society and the needs of students, he said. Congratulations, Press & Dakotan, On Your 150th! 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Centennial Memories Are Still Vivid For VanDerhule
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