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PRESS & DAKOTAN SATURDAY, AUGUST 6, 2011 YANKTON 150: PAGE 9B Wishing Yankton a Happy 150 Years! Then & Now Coffees, Smoothies, Ice Cream, Sandwiches, Salads and so much more! Open Mon-Fri 7am-4:30pm Sat 9am-3pm Proud Sponsor of the Yankton DAV Poker Run August 27, 2011 ... stop in for more details. 104 W 3rd St Historic Downtown Yankton 605-260-0024 The School Bell Rings In Yankton Yankton Was At The Forefront Of Education In Dakota Territory BY SHAUNA MARLETTE The Press & Dakotan Paving the way for success in every aspect of Yankton s history is the strong tradition of highly-acclaimed schools. From having the first high school in Dakota Territory to having one of the longest continuous parochial schools in the area, Yankton has always put a high value on providing a strong education for its youth, and, in many situations, paved the way by being the first school district to provide opportunities for its students in the state. As early as 1866 Yankton built its first school, Brown School, at Walnut and Fourth Street where the Post Office stands today. Yankton's pioneers didn't put much effort into naming the school. It was known as "Brown School" because its first coat of paint was brown. Prior to that time schools were private and often held in the homes of the teachers. Frontier Academy or White School and the Yankton Academy were started by Joseph Ward, who would later start Yankton College. Yankton Academy became Yankton High School in 1875. In 1875, there were 19 students enrolled at the high school and 289 stuP&D ARCHIVE PHOTO dents total in the district. Today, the Yankton Academy was one of the forerunners to the current public school system in Yankton. It became Yankton High School in 1875, with 19 students in high school and Yankton School District operates on a more than $26 million annual budget edu- 289 total students. Now the Yankton School District educates more than 2,700 students a year. cating 2,700 students each school year. Just as important to the community was the establishment of Sacred Heart School in 1884 for grades 1-6. The first school building was a 26x50 two-story structure where current Sacred Heart Church stands. In 1907 the school added seventh and eighth grade to the curriculum, with the first eighth grade graduating class in 1909. It wasn t until 1982 that the school added a kindergarten program. The current enrollment of nearly 400 students from 225 families, is the highest in the school s history since the 1960s. THE ROLE OF ACTIVITIES Both Sacred Heart Schools and the Yankton Public Schools have a history P&D ARCHIVE PHOTO of creating leaders out of their students. old Yankton High School the school s indoor sportFrom being the first accredited school in Theevents until the school at Auditorium, which housedbuilt. The facility remained ing 2000 Mulberry Street was South Dakota, to being two of the most the home for Yankton Middle School activities until 1997. successful schools in academic, athletic and fine arts competitions across the state and country, Yankton can be proud around since 1923; trict as the high school until 1958 and as of the traditions established in the com the first YHS band concert was the middle school until January 1997. In munity s schools. held March 15, 1932, and the first SHS 1958, the district built a new facility at A few highlights include: band concert was held May 23, 1939. 2000 Mulberry, which would be home to the first state championship in These firsts don t begin to cover the high school until the 1996-1997 school history was won in 1900 by the the amazing history and longevity of school year when the current high football team; success at the schools. More impresschool facility, located on Summit track records go back as far at sive, all are activities that are still partic- Street, was opened. The Mulberry facil1902; ipated in today. ity was transitioned into the current debate began in 1903; middle school at that time. FACILITIES THROUGH THE YEARS the YHS Woksape was started in Throughout the years, there were P&D ARCHIVE IMAGE The first building specifically built as many different public elementary facili1903; In 1915, Yankton voters approved a $100,000 bond issue for a new high school to a public high school building, was built girls basketball began in 1906 only ties. Some that are no longer in exisreplace the old Central School, depicted above. It was the first time women were alfor a cost of $21,172 in 1887. Called Cen- tence are White, Garfield and Grove to be disbanded in 1912 and was not lowed to vote in a Yankton election. The old Central School was considered by many tral School, this building was located on Elementary, in addition to more than 25 reestablished until the 1970s, at which to be substandard and ill-prepared to serve the city s growing school numbers. The Douglas Avenue. In 1916, a new high point they were dominant in the state; old school was located on Walnut St. (From the book Yankton: The Way It Was! country schools. school was built at Walnut and Seventh. orchestra began in 1917; by Bob Karolevitz) the Yankton Booster Club has been This facility would be used by the disSCHOOLS | PAGE 14B d Ya n k t o n s H a v e Yo u Tr i e C a r Wa s h ? N E W EST Xtreme Car Wash 3007 N. Broadway (In Front of Wal-Mart) State of the Art: Soft Touch & Touchfree Wash Options Turbo Vacuums Fragrance Machines Shampooers & Spot Removers OPEN 24/7 Jeff 605-660-2400 Xtreme 605-260-1484 We accept credit cards ATM machine Gift Cards Fleet Accounts Loyalty Discount Programs Soggy Doggy Pet Wash
Wishing Yankton a Happy 150 Years!
Historic Downtown Yankton
The School Bell Rings In Yankton
The School Bell Rings In Yankton
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