Section C: Transitions
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Section C: Transitions


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PRESS & DAKOTAN SATURDAY, AUGUST 6, 2011 YANKTON 150: PAGE 9C Alumax Extrusions opened in 1979 with a workforce of 54 employees. Alcoa Extrusions purchased Alumax in June 1998. Sapa took over the operation of the plant in June 2007. Sapa is the leading supplier of soft alloy extruded aluminum products that are further fabricated into a variety of end products. With in-house paint and fabrication capabilities, we will take your ideas from concept to finished product. We offer decades of experience producing extruded aluminum solutions for a wide variety of customers and applications. Our aluminum extrusions are the starting point for windows, doors, truck trailer assemblies, and thousands of other aluminum products. Sapa employs over 400 area residents. Sapa s world headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden and their North American headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois. The commitment to the aluminum extrusion business and the steady growth they have experienced is a compliment to their employees and their dedication to excellence We dare... anyone any place any time to produce better aluminum extrusions than the employees of the Yankton plant.
Celebrating 32 years in Yankton!