Section D: Lives & Times
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Section D: Lives & Times


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PRESS & DAKOTAN SATURDAY, AUGUST 6, 2011 PAGE 4D: YANKTON 150 Headlines And History: Our Front Pages Unlike almost any other product available for sale and consumption, the newspaper must reinvent itself every day. Obviously, some elements carry forward, but the real meat of what attracts readers changes with each issue. On this and the following pages, we offer a selection of some significant front pages from the Press & Dakotan s past. Unfortunately, not all of our most historic front pages are available; in particular, the pages before the turn of the 20th century are confined to microfilm, but even many of these are of poor legibility. Nevertheless, we hope the following selection gives you an idea of how we have reported some of the major events from our times. Starting with this page, the front pages are as follows: PAGE 4D Nov. 11, 1918 (the end of World War I); PAGE 6D Oct. 11, 1924 (Meridian Bridge opening); PAGE 7D Dec. 8, 1941 (attack on Pearl Harbor); PAGE 8D April 12, 1945 (death of President Franklin Roosevelt/Extra Edition); PAGE 10D Aug. 15, 1945 (surrender of Japan ending World War II); PAGE 11D Aug. 19, 1957 (opening of Gavins Point Dam); PAGE 12D Nov. 23, 1963 (the assassination of President John Kennedy); PAGE 13D Aug. 9, 1974 (resignation of President Richard Nixon); PAGE 15D Dec. 17, 1984 (closing of Yankton College); PAGE 16D Sept. 11, 2001 (9/11 terrorist attacks/Extra Edition); and PAGE 17D Jan. 21, 2009 (inauguration of President Barack Obama). In addition, there are a couple of front pages of note discussed on Page 9D. Eisenbraun & Associates Looks Back on 35 Years of Business in Yankton Eisenbraun & Associates is a regional engineering firm with a history of being a leader in early adoption of innovative technology. Established in 1976, the firm s owners and personnel are committed to excellence in the profession by providing quality technical service to each client. The company s first office in Yankton was at 1105 West Ninth Street, the current location of the Avera Cancer Center. The firm quickly grew into a larger office west of town on Highway 52 in 1979 that they further expanded in 1983. In 1990, E/A moved to the Farm Credit Services building for two years until they purchased their current office building, the historic First Dakota Bank Building at 215 Walnut Street in 1992 where they have been located ever since. Continued growth of the firm s land and hydrographic survey services led to the construction of their Survey Operations Center at 2nd and Pearl in 2005. Eisenbraun and Associates currently employs a staff of 20 professional engineers, land surveyors and technicians and provides services to public and private clients in a nine state region. Those that have been with the firm for many of those years marvel at the technological changes that have transformed the engineering and surveying professions in the past 35 years. Initially all the firm s plans were hand drafted and measurements made by stretching steel tapes. Now every aspect of our work is computerized, measurements can be accurately made over hundreds of miles, and scanning instruments allow 50,000 survey points to be collected in one minute. The future promises to be even more exciting! Surveying Services Hydrographic surveys Specialty GPS/GIS projects Boundary and topographic surveys Structural deformation surveys High definition 3D laser scanning Construction staking Engineering Services Agricultural Water/wastewater Storm drainage Subdivision & site design Solid waste engineering Transportation Survey Operations Center Innovative Solutions 605-665-8092 Main Office Long Term Values
Headlines And History: Our Front Pages
Headlines And History: Our Front Pages
35 Years of Business in Yankton
Eisenbraun and Associates
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