Section D: Lives & Times
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Section D: Lives & Times


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  • Lt. Governor Matt and Karen Michels

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PRESS & DAKOTAN SATURDAY, AUGUST 6, 2011 PAGE 6D: YANKTON 150 Reflection From Page 3D nationally. I sure surprised her! For junior and senior year we moved down to the old library building which was to be our new school. It was great! We had modular classes with varying class times and days of the week. My senior year was the best. I tried out for chorus this year and finally made a spot as an alto. My sister was a freshman and she got a spot as a soprano. It was neat because we were both so short she was at one end of the front line and I was at the other. I really didn t grow to my current height of 5 3 until I left high school. I remember that I took Home Ec but because of my 4-H days I could do most everything fairly well. Therefore, I set out to do something unique for each section. For cooking we had a taffy pull and for sewing I made a dress for my mother for her Christmas program. For home care we could refinish our bedroom, plan our dream house or refinish some piece of furniture (I think). Anyway, I planned my dream house. Every class I brought in pieces of wood and sanded them down for painting. I had a split-level with no garage. When I finished I had cabinets, stove, dishwasher, washer, dryer and various other items like that. My walls were all painted inside and out with curtains and carpets. I had a construction paper yard and a scrap book that ex- Congratulations to the Press & Dakotan and the City of Yankton on this big occasion and many wishes for more great years ahead! Lt. Governor Matt & Karen Michels plained my various ideas. The house was built in 3 sections so no one knew what it would look like before I set it up for display. I had a great time keeping everyone guessing. Another event that looms large in my mind was during my senior year. I was on the basketball team and all seniors played first string in the last game. At the same time we had just finished writing papers on Don Quixote. I wrote about my grandfather who was the barber in Gayville at that time, Elmer Lukes. Now Grandpa was a huge supporter of any school sports. He would take a cow bell to the games and each time the home team won points, he rang his cowbell. My English teacher didn t believe in that nor some of the other antics I wrote about him REFLECTION | PAGE 7D
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Lt. Governor Matt and Karen Michels