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THEN & NOW: PAGE 13B PRESS & DAKOTAN n MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2017 KELLY HERTZ/P&D Modern farming equipment, like this harvester, are hightech machines that allow the operator to do cover more ground and do many more functions. Farm From Page 10B precise squirts of herbicide. Can a farmer make that purchase? Would he make that purchase? Should he make that purchase? Only the farmer and his banker can answer that question, but surely today, farmers no longer produce food stuffs for just their family. Today, U.S. farmers feed the world. But the bottom line is, how deep are the pockets and do all these technological advancements make for a more profitable farming year? Steve Lammers of Pleasant Valley finds today s machinery a fine asset to have if they work but describes them as a ball of wires. A farmer often cannot complete repairs himself, so along with the expense of a large purchase, when a machine misfires, it often needs to be hauled to a dealer, which is an added expense, run on the dealer s computer to do trouble shooting another added expense and then repaired at the dealer. Lammers relishes bygone times when a farmer repaired his machinery himself and got to know the nuts and bolts of his machinery up close and personal. Lammers grew up farming with his father, Don, milking their dairy cows by hand every day before they went to school and then again in the evening. I remember one time the cow put its hoof in the milk bucket while I was milking, said Lammers. I called dad and he came over, pulled the foot out of the bucket and I kept milking. That would never work today, Lammers said. Lammers and son today operate a Grade-A dairy milking facility. It s not by hand anymore and milking machines hum on both sides of the milking pit, day and night. When his dad farmed, Lammers remembers lots of horses big horses which he was scared of. I remember thinking I was a big shot, driving a team and wagon in the snow while Dad pulled hay off to feed the livestock, Lammers said. Then he remembers an H tractor, narrow front end, no chains, with a loader not much bigger than a scoop shovel. His dad thought it was great, but Lammers was beside dad on the ground with a scoop shovel and he is sure he moved almost as much snow as dad s tractor. After they finished milking, they carried the buckets of milk to the house, into the basement, separated the cream into cans and carried the waste milk back outside to the barn where there were three barrels. There was a three-day process where corn was added, then oats and finally the concoction slopped to the hogs. The animals were in heaven. One of the biggest changes Lammers sees in agriculture production is what is lacking. Years ago, everyone had a little bit of everything chickens, hogs, cows, stock cows and they all seemed to make money. Now a farmer has big feedlots of livestock or a large milking operation and nothing else, putting all one s eggs in one basket so to speak. In the Lammers case, milking operations are held to a high standard of operation with federal regulations at every turn. But Lammers wonders if all the laws aren t hurting people. The milk is pasteurized and homogenized to make sure all the bugs are gone, but he wonders if they removed good bugs too. His family, like most dairy farming families, all drank raw milk from their tank and all grew up healthy, he said. Maybe the old ways weren t all bad. PHOTO: DAKOTA TERRITORIAL MUSEUM Under many different names and guises, what is now known as the Dakota Theatre has been a popular place for all forms of entertainment, ranging from plays to movies and concerts. Theatre From Page 9B in 1963. Between 1984 and 1987, the theatre underwent a couple closings and re-openings that never lasted long. The theatre closed in 1987 and remained dormant until Dakota Theatre, Inc., purchased the theatre from a private citizen in 1990. Renovations began and the theatre opened in 1993 as the Dakota Theatre that Yanktonians know today. The fa ade remains a staple of downtown, but now presents plays and musicals for customers to enjoy. The theatre is currently undergoing a remodel, which will see the lobby refurbished. Construction will not interrupt the regular season of shows. A lot of the updates they did (between 1987 and 1993), we re going back and we re redoing now, because they were done because it was popular in the early 1990s, such as the paint scheme, Fleming said. We re trying to go through and rework what s best for today s audience and what ll work 20 years from today. We don t want people to deal with what we re doing now. The Dakota Theatre has so much history behind it, we want to pull everything together and make more of a unified front. PHOTO: DAKOTA TERRITORIAL MUSEUM A photo of Dakota Theatre during its days as a movie house, circa 1940. That way, it just feels like it belongs together. Fleming said much of the theatre s history is a mystery, due to all the people that have worked at, owned and operated the theatre. Right now, with so many new people on the board, we re still trying to get an actual timeline together to put out there, he said. One of the actual goals we have is to reach out to the community and see what they have, because so many people have been a part of the theatre and its legacy. We would like to showcase not only their stories, but (also) build a history we can talk about. If you have any additional information on the history of the Dakota Theatre, contact LCTC at (605) 6654711 or RTEC continue to see clients comreceive dual credit through We move on people s house in a safe environment good job tackling those ing to us. their high school and MTI. radar. That s why we have out of the elements at the issues, he said. It s a huge As one example of a The list of participating Yankton Manufacturing Week CMTEA site. We can also challenge to get people with client, the Yankton Federal area schools include Wagner, and work with the Yankton teach cabinetry and intromechanical skills. If they From Page 8B Prison Camp (YFPC) has Andes Central, Marty, Avon, School District, he said. We duction to building trades at relocate to Yankton, they contracted for instruction on Bon Homme, Irene-Wakonda, are working with the educathat site, she said. need not only a job but also for things like green energy We already teach welding housing. You may be able to welding and CNC machinery, Alcester-Hudson, Gayvilletion piece in building those and more energy efficiency, and machining at the CMTEA Svatos said. Volin and Vermillion from needed trade skills. find a job, but you also need he said. site. We will also teach our It s the first federal South Dakota; and Crofton, The Yankton School a place to live. In January 2014, RTEC agriculture courses at that prison to allow technical Wynot, Santee and Niobrara District is using the forThose issues are imboard launched a three-year site. The land available at training from an off-site enfrom Nebraska. mer RTEC facility as one portant for all ages, but it s Workforce Development fund tity on the prison campus, that CMTEA site will allow for especially true for young We ve also hosted trainresource, Kindle said. The drive. The effort yielded a greenhouse to be built by he said. We have an aweing for Gregory and Freedistrict is also expanding its people deciding where they pledges of $200,000 cash and some group of students at our students in Fundamental man, Svatos said. We re a on-site facilities. want to work, live and raise $45,000 of in-kind services. Ag Structures. The greenthe federal prison. It s great footprint for the region. The Yankton School Distheir families, Svatos said. RTEC has worked on new to work with them. They are house will be constructed by trict was recently awarded It s an evolving process, business models and prothe students during the 2017very eager to learn and start a $250,000 grant, which the and people change, Svatos DRAWING ATTENTION grams to continue delivering a new chapter in their lives. 18 school year. There is also district matched for a total said. custom training, continuing enough room to potentially RTEC has caught the Through the years, RTEC of $500,000. The funds will Stephenson, the presieducation and skill-upgrade attention of state officials, has developed working relabe used for expanding space add a garden or test plot at dent and chief operating oftraining. The overhead of the site. Svatos said. tionships with other institufor the school s vocational ficer of First Dakota National maintaining a 25,300-squareThe Yankton School Pam Roberts visited tions such as Mitchell Techprograms. Bank in Yankton, stressed foot building adds to the District wants to reach out to RTEC numerous times (when nical Institute (MTI), Black The construction of an RTEC s importance for the challenge. neighboring schools to create region s long-term future. Hills State University (BHSU) she was South Dakota Labor addition to the north side a regional impact, Kindle Secretary). We ve also had of Spearfish and Northeast (of RTEC) will allow for our It s been a long, valuable said. visitors from other state ofREACHING OUT Community College (NECC) student-built house to be partnership for YAPG. RTEC Our goal is to continue to ficials, he said. It s critical of Norfolk, Nebraska. constructed inside, which is has been vital to assist with The June 2016 transfer of expand and offer Career and that we have that kind of These things have given long overdue, Kindle said. custom training needed by RTEC to the Yankton School Technical Education Courses support from state governus more flexibility, Svatos YHS Principal Jennifer manufacturers, he said. District came under the to our students in Yankton as ment. said. We wouldn t be where Johnke noted the wide range well as the surrounding area, Our workforce being what it terms of the EDA grant, SvaRTEC provides a toolbox of technical instruction alis today, both in quality and tos said. The move solidified we re at today without those for workforce training and he said. We know there are partnerships. ready offered at the school. in quantity, is a direct result the facility under the educalimited resources, and offereconomic development, RTEC has also provided Those classes include autoof all that RTEC has done ing area schools to partner tion umbrella, he added. Svatos said. Employers want motive, cabinetry, building training for area high school over the past many years. with us would provide a The transfer allows the customized training with a students, Svatos said. In trades/student built house, YAPG has contributed ls much needed Career Manuschool to apply for more pitafinancial quick turnaround. turn, the programs help agriculture, family and confacturing Technical Education significantHos grant money and makes rs ongoing rvices These employers want prepare young people for sumer science, food science, Academy in this part of the Provide to RTECSe it support more expansion possible, re since r it now, and we satisfy their careers without leaving the business, welding, 3-D printstarted, hca state. thcare e HealtStephensonasaid.ial he said. The Yankton School vo eal need for specialized training Yankton region, he said. ing, drafting, IT, digital media new es H ics Hom GivenetheirBeh part-viders District is also building an c s YSD Pthe in areas such as welding, he and computer programming. th Servic viwith rand ro Yankton High School nership in addition to the north side of al PREPARING FOR lTHE FUTUREalth Ser althca e they hcare ls C tal said. We also work with soft offers dual credit through Johnke sees vorial He tremendous (RTEC). ospita a key role He ices Heto dowhate Healt n in importance of for the Yankskills, such as management, plays MTI, he said. On Fridays, potential Beha purchasers H RTEC ces Me with the om Also, the transfer to the rv continue ide team building and problem Services students from outlying of the RTEC facility.rov Servi al H alth e C inics H Services e P The hcara broader strategy,eSvatosS tonlcommunity, I anticipate re e school district provides th districtawill car en- ealt said. Yankton must not onlyals that will continue indefinite- hca al solving. We ll continueewith school districts come to e lthfurther more opportunities for tal H h vori spit ly, he l Health alt those things enour meat and ces H its offeringse H the es attract a retain workers, RTEC for training. We have Mas th Servi hanceics Hom withervic Be andiders Ho s Mentasaid. rvices He ome RTEC, Svatos said. ices v e rv high school juniors and re Sepotatoes. l Heal Clin RTEC is still alive, and completion of thelth S side but it must also addressice re Pro ea north Serv ealth S Clinics H RTECria housing lth quality life, seniors who are studyinga spi a a o constantly opublic,s Men ealthc Behitsvmessage to Hseeksttol addition.tal H s Healthca Heaandcare ofhavorial HFollowit@RDockendorf on ealth we re still doing what we ve he said. s ls lH welding and CAD (computer- get will Twitter. p a ome H ervices e ers the es This facility ce allow Be always done, he said. It s S ics Hdrafting). They can cacreatingvidawarenessServic our alth Sertoibuild ics Hom TheeYAPGes doing oviders Ho ices Menta ervices Pro an hcare of its Hestudents v linthe vic is ra assisted ealth re Sr business as usual, and we Clin th ealth S Healt Health offerings, Svatos said. vorial care P re Serv spitals ental H als C l Heal e t H a Beha Health Hospi Menta ealthc rs Ho vorial pitals rvices ces M Hom rovide hcare Servi al Health Se ls Clinics lth Services Providers e Services h Services s Home H vices Beha iders Hos vices a care P lt i e ta Ser Prov thcar Healt als linic H h Ser th Health Home Hea s Behavor ers Hospi Mental He Healthcar e Heal BehavorialThankityouC entaof ealt direct care providers havorial to all l ours Heal care e Healthcare e e s sp s id om s Servic ervice M s ervice s Ho cs H es ce e Prov Clinic Hom e B Health Healthcar ealthcare S rial Health S itals Clini ealth Servic are Providerforre Services ealth Servi to ourscommunitys are Provider linic ealth Servic c tal en H H ca yourocommitments C s c o sp H M rial Ho alth tal hav alth alth vice lH ome thcare pital lth Ser Clinics H ervices Be Providers rvices Men ervices He Home He ces Behav iders Hos ces Menta ervices He Home Heal Hea linics S rvi Servi and forProv you do.eThe compassionate ics itals alth S alth S ices e all thcare nsteps ealth S are Se Hosp Mental H vices Heal me Healthc havorial He Hospitals C ental Health Healthcar e Healthcare havorial He spitals Cli Health Serv althcare e o er B left your o es Be es you ve taken have e al Servic ial Health S Clinics H Services e Providers Services M ealth Servic linics Hom Services roviders H ices Ment Services H Home P re lth th lth or ar H ls s C footprints in ltherYankton Serv althca thca e l Heal are Behav rs Hospita Mental Hea es Healthc al Hea vorial Clinic ealth pitals me He ices Beha iders Hos ices Ment vices Hea me Healthc Behavoria Hospitals e o ic ental H rv Provid are Services Health Serv Clinics H lth Serv ov lth Ser linics Ho lth Services are Pr ealthcare Se ial HeaHealthcare Community. e Providers ervices M lth Services a c l c e s ea Health Behavoria s Hospital Mental H ces Health ome H vor car re S als C l Hea H vi es Beha ers Hospit ces Menta ces Health e Healthca Behavorial H Hospitals es er Representative vic Ser vid cs ces rvic i i o Ser ervi es are Se ovid es ers Clin Servi inics Hom are Pr Health h Serv ealthc me Healthc Behavorial Hospitals ental Healt ealthcare Pr Healthcare S rial Health ls ClJean Hunhoff Servic care Provid hcare Servic l h lt H Ho ers H alth avo M ealt oria al Hea pita me es linics ealth Servic care Provid are Services lth Services linics Ho rvices Beh iders Hos ices Ment ervices He s Home H ices Behav C Serv l Hea althc tal H lth Se alth S als C e Serv e Prov Health Clinic
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