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PRESS & DAKOTAN n TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2018 PAGE 13 18 20 Fall Car Care How To Safeguard Your Vehicle From The Elements In a perfect world, all vehicle owners would be able to park their cars and trucks in garages. In such a world, automobiles would not be vulnerable to sun, storms and other natural elements that, over time, can contribute to wear and tear. But many drivers cannot or choose not to park their cars in garages. Some are content to let their vehicles brave the elements, while others look for ways to protect their cars and trucks as much as possible. Drivers who count themselves among the latter group can take these simple steps to protect their cars and trucks from whatever Mother Nature has in store for them. Park in the shade. Parking in the shade can protect both the interior and exterior of a vehicle. Shaded areas protect upholstery and dashboards inside the car from sun-induced fading, while also limiting the damage sun can cause to exterior paint. Faded paint may hurt the resale value of a vehicle, prompting prospective buyers to walk away or at least wonder if a vehicle with a faded exterior was well maintained. Wash and wax. Washing and waxing a vehicle helps to minimize damage that s inevitable regardless of where drivers park their cars. Dirt and debris litter roadways, and over time cars can collect a large amount of these unwanted stowaways. If dirt and debris are not removed, they can cause longterm damage to vehicle exteriors. Washing and waxing a car can ensure its exterior looks good and reduce the likelihood of rust and other corrosion from occurring. Don t write off bird droppings. Some drivers, especially those who do not park their cars and trucks in garages, may write off bird droppings as an annoying yet harmless side effect of vehicle ownership. However, bird droppings are acidic How To Recognize Potential Brake Problems Maintaining a vehicle is more than just a way to protect one s financial investment. Vehicle maintenence can protect against accidents and make the road safer for drivers and their passengers as well as their fellow and, if left to their unsightly demotorists. vices, can cause permanent damFully functioning brakes are an important comage to vehicle paint. Tree sap is an ponent of automotive safety. In its 2017 Crash Stats equally formidable foe, potentially report, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administracausing scratching because it can be very difficult to remove without tion said that brake-related problems accounted for 22 percent of crashes where vehicular failure was cited spreading. Specially formulated as the cause of the collision. Bad brakes are particusprays can help drivers remove bird droppings and sap from their larly notorious for rear-end collisions. Faulty, worn brake lines, antilock brake system malfunctions and vehicles. worn brake pads and discs are some potential brake Employ a car cover. Drivers problems. who have garages but use them It is important that motorists learn to recognize the to store things other than their first symptoms of brake trouble so they can address vehicles can use car covers when issues before they put drivers, their passengers and parking their cars in their driveways. Covers protect cars from the other motorists at risk of accident or injury. Unusual noises: Screeching, grinding, rubbing, elements and can be quickly and and high-pitched sounds are common indicators that easily removed. brake pads, rotors and other parts of the braking Nature can be harsh on vehisystem need attention. Worn pads can cause damage cles. Protecting automobiles from to other vehicle parts, resulting in more expensive the elements should be a priority repairs if they re not addressed promptly. for drivers, especially those who Pulling: If the car pulls to one side when applying do not park their cars and trucks in the brakes, this may indicate brake pad linings are garages. wearing down unevenly. A brake adjustment may be necessary. Pulling also may be indicative of an object MetroCreativeConnection or debris caught in the brake fluid. Less responsive: If when pressing on the brake pedal the brakes just do not seem to be as effective as they once were, or it is necessary to press the pedal harder for the brakes to engage, there may be a brake fluid leak or an air leak. Check under the vehicle to see if any fluids are pooling. Pungent odors: Firestone Tire Company says a burning smell may be indicative of worn out brake pads and friction on the tires. Each of these issues require immediate attention. Vibrations: Certain vibrations may indicate brake issues. Rotors can become warped from metal-onaforementioned items are all that s metal rubbing, potentially leading to a failure of the necessary to change a tire, some vehicle to brake properly. Vibrations also may indicate miscellaneous items can facilitate tires are misaligned. These problems can be properly the process of replacing a flat. In assessed by a trained mechanic. their cars, drivers can keep a small Do not let potential brake problems go unchecked. cloth bag containing a pair of gloves, Keeping brakes in good working order helps drivers a flashlight, batteries to go with the stop more readily and avoid collisions. flashlight, a poncho to keep them MetroCreativeConnection dry should they need to change a tire in the rain, and a ballcap that can keep rain or sunlight out of their eyes so they can focus on the job at hand. It s also a good idea to keep a blanket in the trunk of your car so passengers can stay warm inside while the flat tire is replaced. Items Necessary To Fix A Flat Tire Flat tires are a nuisance, but even your car or truck. the most well-maintained vehicles Lug wrench: A lug wrench can be vulnerable to the occasional is necessary to remove hubcaps flat. Ensuring tires are properly or wheel covers. Drivers should inflated and in good condition determine if their vehicles require a can help drivers avoid accidents, special tool to remove wheel covers. but won t necessarily make tires Such information will be indicated immune to flats. The following are in the owner s manual, which should some essential items that all drivers be kept in the vehicle at all times. should keep in their vehicles so they Wheel wedges: Wheel wedges can quickly and correctly replace can be placed in front of or behind flat tires. tires to prevent the car from rolling Spare tire: Spare tires are typiwhile drivers change their flats. cally located in the trunk beneath When changing a rear tire, place the the carpet-like mat covering the wedges in front of the front tires. area. SUV drivers may have their When changing a front tire, place spare tires mounted on the back of them behind the rear tires. MetroCreativeConnection their vehicles, but some are located Miscellaneous items: While the beneath the automobile. Periodically inspect spare tires to make sure they are inflated. When buying or leasing new cars, drivers should always confirm if FREE Rock Chips Through the vehicle comes with a Most Insurance Companies spare. Jack: A jack is necessary to change a flat tire. Scissor jacks are widely used and tend to be the jacks most people keep in their trunks. These jacks are lightweight and won t Topper Glass Plexi Glass Mirrors Quick Service take up much space, and Quality Work Competitive Prices Mobile Glass Service the handle is typically the tire iron that comes with the vehicle. Some jacks AUTO TRUCK HEAVY EQUIPMENT Over s are specially designed to We now replace residential and commercial glass ar fit the vehicles they came 30 Ye nce! ie with, so when shopping for Exper replacement jacks, make Ron Evans, Owner sure any you are consider1915 Broadway (Next to Dairy Queen) Yankton, SD ing are compatible with RON S AUTO GLASS Happiness is... Driving your car after it s been repaired at Riverside Auto Body! WINDSHIELD REPAIR & REPLACEMENT 605-665-9841 Your direct repair body shop for all major insurance companies 89850 Hwy. 81, So. Yankton 402.667.3285
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Items Necessary to Fix a Flat Tire
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