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PAGE 12 PRESS & DAKOTAN n TUESDAY, MARCH 26, 2019 Quick and Simple Ways To Make a Front Door Pop 5 Things To Look For Visitors impressions of a home are often dictated by the home s entryway. Must as one may judge a book by its cover, the same can be said about the impression that a front door and entryway can create, regardless of how accurate that impression is. Making certain changes to an entryway can go a long way toward improving curb appeal. Entryways also can set the scene for a home s interior. Whether one chooses to be classic or bold, modern or traditional, there are various ways to quickly transform a home s entryway. Bold front door color: Color can dramatically enhance an entryway. Painting an existing door or replacing it with a more vivid option can do the trick. The DIY Network says certain colors stand out as favorites. These include turquoise, yellow, red, indigo, orange, and black. The door color should complement the other shades of the home, such as those on siding and trim. Custom walkway: Guide guests right to the front door with an attractive (and safe) walkway. Stamped concrete or decorative paver blocks may fit the bill. This walkway can extend to the street or to the driveway. Contain plants. Landscaping When Selecting A Lawn Service around the entryway should be neat and welltended. Overgrown plants or shrubbery may give off an air of neglect. Container plants and carefully curated shrubs can create a neat and inviting aura. Highlight the address. Make sure the home can be found easily with bold and decorative house numbers. Consider two different address signs: one illuminated and easily viewed from the curb, and another closer to the front door. Utilize high-end materials. The relatively small area of real estate by the front door enables homeowners to splurge on more opulent materials that can really add a feeling of luxury. These can include colorful tiles, ornate planters, decorative wooden doors, or elaborate knobs and lighting fixtures. Most people want beautiful, lush lawns and well-maintained landscapes. Not every homeowner has the time or the inclination to do the work, however. Many homeowners rely on a lawn service to help maintain their properties and keep their homes looking great. Lawn companies come in all shapes and sizes, from fly-bynight workers with ill-maintained equipment to franchised companies with thousands of workers across the country to everything in between. Finding the right service for your needs may require some homework and understanding of what sets a quality lawn service company apart from one that s best avoided. 1. Look to the internet. The internet connects consumers via shared information and reviews. Homeowners also can seek recommendations via local Facebook group pages. Add architectural details. Find out which architectural elements will meld with the style of the home and then incorporate them. Moldings, columns, shutters, and trim are areas to consider. The entryway to a home garners a lot of attention. Homeowners can enhance their spaces with entryways that really make a statement. MetroCreativeConnection Rethink Your Kitchen Layout Kitchens are the most popular rooms in many homes. Even though The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states the average person spends just 68 minutes each weekday consuming food, and around 37 minutes preparing meals, the kitchen is not just a spot for food. It also is a gathering place for conversation, homework and family time. In recognition that so much time is spent in this heart of the home, many people are embracing some of the more popular trends concerning kitchen layouts to maximize the comfort and efficiency of these rooms. Communal zones Unlike the days of yore when the kitchen was utilitarian, today s home floor plans make kitchens a focal point of a home. Food preparation also is no longer a solitary task. Thanks to larger kitchen footprints and multiple zones set up for meal creation, a greater number of people can hang out in the kitchen and help with meals. You ll find multiple sinks, large islands and more counter space are key components of modern kitchen layouts. Dining nooks Kitchen designs are bringing back banquette seating in a cozy nook. This design is a practical use of space, and can fit in large and small kitchens alike. It also can give a kitchen a high-end look, as built-in banquettes can highlight a bay window or seem custom-made for the space. Banquette seating can fit a number of people comfortably and provides a sensible and casual dining spot solution. Family table The trend experts at Southern Living magazine indicate that formal dining and living rooms are now used infrequently. As a result, kitchens have evolved to accommodate meal prep and dining. A large family table in the center of the room brings people into the kitchen to get more involved with food, according to San Francisco designer David Kensington. Counter culture Taking a page out of a favorite corner diner or bar, kitchens are increasingly outfitted with a large island Your Single Source HVAC Plumbing Electrical 2. Insist on licensure and insurance. It s not the standard to be licensed and insured, but it is an essential step for finding a business that stands behind its work and the safety of its employees and customers. If a worker gets injured on your property or if the mower kicks a big rock through your storm door, you ll be liable if the company isn t insured. 3. Get a written proposal. Be wary of companies that will quote you an offer over the phone without seeing your property in person. Understand which types of services and treatments will be included in the weekly, monthly or annual plan. Discuss the types of fertilizers and herbicides used and whether they fit with your lifestyle and environmental consciousness. 4. Ask for a contract in writing When you find a business that offers the type of work you need done at the right price, be sure that a contract is worked up and both parties sign it. This protects you as a homeowner and could help you in the long run if guarantees are not met or work is unsatisfactory. flanked by chic counter stools, according to the design pros at Domino. Family members can pull up a stool and grab a quick snack. It s also a great place for friends to engage in conversation while a host or hostess prepares cocktails and appetizers for an evening soire. Work zone Many families like to have an area of the kitchen set up as a tech zone where kids can do their homework and even parents can do some work, such as paying bills. Setting aside an area of counter space as a small desk area can be a great idea. Such areas also help parents keep a watchful eye on children while they re surfing the internet. Kitchens are the hub of the household, and modern design trends cater to a growing need for a multipurpose space. MetroCreativeConnection Outdoor Living at Its Best 5. One size fits all. Landscaping is more than just mowing the lawn. However, some lawn companies may only mow lawns and will plant flowers or perform spring and fall cleanup. If a company cannot fill all of your needs, find one that can; otherwise, you may need to hire specialists in each area of yard maintenance. Lawn care companies are something to consider as the weather warms and spring projects begin anew. MetroCreativeConnection Enjoy The Ultimate State Of Relaxation in The Comfort & Convenience Of Your Own Home! Enjoy Early Bird Special Stop in and see our wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to fit and lifestyle, backyard or budget. Stone Patios Pergolas Outdoor Fireplaces Fire Pits Water Features Rain Gardens Retaining Walls Lighting & More LEISURE WORLD, INC. Bluestone Landscape, LLC Spas Swimming Pools Saunas 1900 Broadway Ave., Yankton, SD 605-665-1240 2500 S. 13th St., Norfolk, NE 402-371-8425 2008 E. 63rd St., Sioux Falls, SD 605.670.2797 Make your FINANCING landscape come to life! NOW Early Bird Special AVAILABLE www.leisureworldsd.com Highlight the assets of your home with Decorative Concrete Curbing! Early Bird Special FINANCING NOW AVAILABLE BUY 10 WINDOWS BUY 10 WINDOWS INSTALLED INSTALLED FINANCING GET 1 NOW FREE GET 1 FREE AVAILABLE FREE INSTALLATION Your Home Makeover Specialists FREE Siding EXPIRES EXPIRES OFFERSoffit Doors FEBRUARY 28, 2019 Estimates OFFER BUY APRIL 6 SATURDAY,10 WINDOWS Your Home Makeover Specialists INSTALLED Your Home Makeover Doors Siding Soffit Specialist OFFER EXPIRES FEBRUARY 28, 2019 Siding Makeover Specialists Soffit Your Home Siding DoorsSoffit Doors Decorative landscape curbing is a continuous concrete OFFER EXPIRES FEBRUARY 28, 2019 GET 1 FREE 001825545r1 Kaiser Heating & Cooling 808 W. 23rd, Yankton 605.665.2895 boarder designed to accent your home and yard. It is a very effective barrier against grass, weeds and rock overflow. The concrete edge is durable and won t rot, splinter or shift. Replace blocks, metal or plastic edge with a beautiful frame around flowerbeds and trees that is mower friendly. We offer different styles and stamps as well as color and sealer to ensure a pleasing match to your homes exterior or adds a modern contrast to your existing color scheme. We give FREE in-home demonstrations and estimates. 124 S. Main, Mitchell, SD 605-996-6777 800-948-6964 thewindowshop.us thewindowshop@mitchelltelecom.net 001825545r1 Josh & Jordon Odens 605-770-6446 001825545r1
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