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PAGE 9 PRESS & DAKOTAN n TUESDAY, MARCH 31, 2020 ngHome ri Sp Improvement 3 Smart Ways To Boost How To Extend Your Living Home Curb Appeal Area To Outdoor Spaces Taking steps to boost curb appeal makes good sense for any homeowner. Not only does it help make a great first impression on guests and neighbors, but certain updates can actually increase your home s resale value when it comes time to put your property on the market. To maximize the time, money and effort you expend, consider the following remodeling projects, which were all ranked highly by Remodeling Magazine s 2020 Cost vs. Value Report: Manufactured Stone According to Remodeling Magazine s findings, manufactured stone has the largest return on investment of all home remodeling projects with an average of 95.6 percent of the cost of the project recouped. There s a good reason for this. High quality manufactured stone is an eye-catching way to add beauty and elegance to interiors and exteriors. When seeking out manufactured stone products, look for long-lasting prod- ucts that mimic the look of natural stone, such as those from ProVia, which combine deep shadow lines with authentic coloring to produce dramatic effects. The manufacturer has achieved an authentic look by selecting natural stones from unique geographic regions for every master mold and by using only raw pigments and oxides to attain a rich color that lasts for years. To use tools that can help you visualize stone and grout style and color combinations, view instructional videos or learn more, visit ProVia.com/stone. Garage Door Replacement If you are like many homeowners, you typically enter your home through the garage. Give yourself a treat to come home to each day with a garage door replacement, which provides the second largest return on investment, according to the report. Not only does this upgrade present an opportunity to boost your home s aesthetic appeal, it also has the Did You Know? Many lawns contain a mixture of the roughly one dozen types of different grasses. According to the lawn care experts at Scotts , knowing which type of grass they have in their yard can help homeowners more effectively manage and care for their lawns. But with so many lawns containing a mixture of grasses, how can homeowners know exactly what s making up that green carpet in their yards? Scotts notes that lawns typically fall into one of two categories: warm-season grasses and cool-season grasses. Warm-season grasses are those that thrive in regions where the climate tends to be especially warm, such as the southern United States. Cool-season grasses are those that are JASON ORR OWNER/OPERATOR INSURED CALL OR TEXT: 605.760.3680 YANKTONWINDOWCLEANING@GMAIL.COM Merkel Electric, Inc dba Johnson Electric Rural Residential Commercial potential to beef up your home security and lower energy bills. Whether you want the garage doors to make a bold statement or blend into the woodwork, there are many ways to customize, including panel design, colors, hardware fixtures and window placement. Siding Replacement With a return on investment of over 70 percent, there s a strong case for replacing your siding with something new. Vinyl siding is an especially good choice of material for those who value easy installation, good value, durability and minimal maintenance. Many homeowners choose to even mix siding and manufactured stone on their home exterior for a unique facelift that s sure to impress passersby and potential buyers alike. By selecting home exterior projects that offer the greatest return on investment, you can be sure your renovations go far beyond what meets the eye. 500 W. 12TH ST., YANKTON 605-665-5686 Rick Merkel Ben Merkel Chris Merkel Spruce Up Before getting down to brass tacks, it s time to give your outdoor spaces a once-over and note what basic maintenance and cleaning are needed; be sure to sweep up porches and decks of debris, dust off and move outdoor furniture out of storage and prune trees and plants that need it. This may be a good time to refinish or re-stain an older deck in need of some tender loving care. Want to add a splash of color to the space? Give some time-worn wooden furniture a new paint job in a bold hue. Power Up To match the true comfort of indoor life to your home s outdoor spaces, you ll need a safe, code-compliant and unobtrusive way to power fans, lighting, entertainment, electric appliances and more. To add an outlet to raised outdoor floors, porches and decks, consider installing a Deck Outlet Cover from Hubbell TayMac. Accommodating two power cords, it lets you put the power where you want it -- in a safe place where people are less likely to trip over cords. Weatherproof, UV resistant and durable even in harsh environments, it also features a low-profile design that meets ADA standards, and an attractive slip-resistant texture available in gray, white and bronze. Furnish Given the broad scope of weatherproof furnishings, cushions, pillows and even rugs available on the market today, there is absolutely no reason that your outdoor spaces can t offer the same level of comfort and beauty as any den or living room, especially now that you ve supplied your outdoor space with electrical power and the flexibility to install such amenities as an entertainment center, ceiling fans and even chandeliers. Just be sure everything you install is weatherproofed and protected against the elements, and that you select only outdoor-grade products. However, you can extend the life of certain items by taking extra precautions during extreme weather and the off-season. By giving your home s outdoor spaces the same attention to detail as the indoors, you can extend your living spaces and even create new rooms in which to dine, relax and entertain. v StatePoint at their best in climates that experience extreme temperature fluctuations. For example, cool-season grasses are most likely to be found in the northern United States, as much of this area of the country experiences cold winters and warm, and in some places very hot, summers. Homeowners who are uncertain about which type of grass they have can consult a lawn care professional for advice. Homeowners who learn which type of grass is in their yard can use that information to determine how frequently they should mow and water Save up to v StatePoint www.yankton.net their lawns and which type of fertilizer is best-suited to their lawns. v MetroCreative Connection Don t Gamble ...Insure With M.T. & R.C. Smith Insurance Serving the Yankton Area Since 1949 ...With Excellent Insurance Companies That We Represent! Roger Smith, Michael Butterfield, Chad Gordon, Kim Marsh, Agnes Grovijahn, Darcel Stevens, Mary Loecker, Ryan Elwood, Todd Chance United Fire & Casualty Liberty Mutual Nationwide Safeco Auto-Owners Continental Western North Star Mutual Progressive CNA Home | Auto | Business | Life | Bonds | Health 204 W. 4th St., Yankton smithins@iw.net 605.665.3611 2250 $ with manufacturer rebates, utility incentives and tax credits on qualifying purchases Save 26%* Now with 2020 Federal Tax Credits for All Solar & GEO Thermal Home Comfort Systems *certain restrictions apply Electrical Overhead Wiring Trenching Bucket Truck Reaches 80 Digger Truck Fast Courteous Service When warmer weather arrives, it s all about spending time in your home s outdoor spaces. Here are a few new ideas for transforming your porch, deck or yard into an oasis of relaxation. HEATING & COOLING Easy Low Interest Financing Available 2401 Broadway, Yankton 605-665-9461 www.larrysheatingandcooling.com Escape to soft solitude . . . Carpet that invites you in. Floors & More Your Total Home Design Center DEALER INFO Interest Free Financing 1205 Broadway Ave., Yankton 665-9728 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 9am-5pm Shaw Carpet installed w/pad Carpet | Tile & Stone | Hardwood | Laminate | Resilient | shawfloors.com starting at 1.99 $ sq. ft.
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